Lu Bu becomes a demon, Trieu Van belongs to the…Beast race in the upcoming game Three Kingdoms

Lu Bu becomes a demon, Trieu Van belongs to the...Beast race in the upcoming game Three Kingdoms

With NPH Funtap announcing the official release date of Tam Quoc Loan Chien on April 22, the Vietnamese gaming community is extremely interested in this “Beautiful, Unique and Strange” game. In addition to the information published in the official media, there are many interesting things that Three Kingdoms fans should know before embarking on the journey to unify the world.

Among many topics discussed, the backstory (backstory, origin, plot) of the generals of the Three Kingdoms Rebellion is one of the mysteries that receives the most attention. After investigating, many players were extremely surprised that Lu Bu and Trieu Van from the Tam Quoc Loan Chien “universe” transformed in such an interesting way, specifically:


Lu Bu Becomes a Devil: Dubbed the “God of War,” it’s not too difficult to understand when Lu Bu transforms into an invincible force with the power of the devil. With a “cool” appearance, this transformation into a Demon is very fitting, especially since Lu Bu’s skill set also has “Chaotic Descending Spirit”, through which this general turns into a Demon, increasing his power. Increased HP, physical attack, increased range damage and improved skills.


Lu Bu’s strength is dealing enormous damage in both forms: cumulative damage and sustained damage. Therefore, this general is very suitable for the main damage position, along with strong protection and support equipment that will help Lu Bo maximize the effectiveness of him. If strong enough, the player can also put Lu Bu in the squad with high group damage to “quickly destroy” the opponent in a single attack.

Lu Bu in the War of the Three Kingdoms was ranked as an SSS general, the highest rank

Trieu Van belongs to the… Beastmen Race: Another “brain twist” of the War of the Three Kingdoms. According to the plot of this game, the reason why Trieu Van (and many other generals) became “Beast Men” is because of a book called Thai Binh Secret Art.


Just like Trieu Van in the original work of La Quan Trung, Trieu Van in Tam Quoc Loan Chien also rampaged through the battle and caused great damage to the enemy. As a special type of primary damage champion (can be considered an assassin) with the ability to attack the opponent’s back row, Trieu Van can easily “kill” weak targets such as mages or support of the enemy team.

Although ranked as SS, more modest than the “god of war” Lu Bu, Trieu Van’s strength cannot be underestimated.

Despite possessing the ability to deal high damage, Trieu Van himself is also a rather fragile champion in terms of resistance to attacks. Therefore, “Thuong Son Trieu Tu Long” will exert maximum power when he is placed with other support and attacking champions.

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The above are just some of the most typical mutations of the War of the Three Kingdoms. The journey ahead still has many mysteries and interesting things. Find out for yourself when this game launches on April 22!

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