Mario Kart Tour racing game simulator on mobile devices

Mario Kart Tour

Following the success of Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World then Mario kart ride it is the next product that Nintendo “conceived” and released on the market. If you are interested in the title mario racing game This Nintendo, will feature the game and instructions for downloading racing games just below.

About Mario Kart Tour?

Mario kart ride is a car racing game on the Nintendo platform with a variety of game modes. Mario racing game is very simple, you just need to choose a character to join the race and win against all the remaining opponents.

On the Mario track, players will find many different items and equipment that players can collect and use to speed to the finish line or take down opponents.

Mario kart rideMario kart ride

Gameplay Mario Kart Tour

Similar to most other car racing game genres, Mario kart ride you will use touch from phone with nintendo emulator form on phone.

How to compete with Mario in the game

Players will have to swipe right or left to move and control the character’s car, and tapping the screen immediately on the icon button or swipe up will help the character use the collected items. Assemble to take down opponents and get to the finish line quickly.

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Mario kart rideMario kart ride

Mario kart ride There are many rounds, each round is a different context and players simply need to choose a round to join the game. Each tour in the game only lasts about 14 days, so remember to pay attention and take the time to join at any time.

Players will participate in tournaments and collect Grand Stars, when a certain number is reached, the player will open a new feature or another tournament in the game.

Missions in Mario Kart Tour

Mario kart ride Like other games, this Mario racing game also divides the system of tasks for players to complete, there are two ways:

  • Free: The limited number of gifts is not diverse or valuable
  • Rates (golden pass): It costs around $5/month, but players can receive many gifts and these gifts are also unique and much more valuable.

Mario kart rideMario kart ride

Shops and bonuses in the game Mario Kart Tour

In Mario’s shop, you can buy many different items, these items can be purchased with money, or you can top up cards to redeem rewards. Ruby is also one of the in-game currencies, players can receive this gift when they complete race trophies or participate in challenges.

It’s interesting that when your car is flying through the air during the lap of Mario kart ride Then quickly swipe up on the screen. At this time, the car will become a roller coaster to help you speed up and pass the roads more easily.

Mario kart rideMario kart ride

Item Pickup Mode

when playing Mario kart ride In default mode, if your car goes through the items on the track, the game character will only receive one item and until you use it, you will not be able to get the next item.

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Perhaps this is considered a slight handicap for the player when forced to use the used item when it is not needed, or perhaps when the time comes, the needed item cannot be found.

Mario kart rideMario kart ride

How to earn a lot of money in Mario Kart Tour

If you need money to shop but your wallet isn’t enough, Coin Rush will be an option you should try. Specifically, you can play Coin Rush, here you will be running alone, driving through gold coins to collect them.

However, if you want to play this mode, you need to load Ruby, so it can be assumed that this is a way of playing where we change Ruby to gold, just the implementation is a bit more complicated.

Mario kart rideMario kart ride

Drift in Mario Kart Tour as much as possible

For speed game genres, drifting not only helps us to “crawl” beautifully and effectively, but can also earn a relative amount of bonus points and energy to recharge the speed bar.

Change driving mode

If you are racing and feel that something is wrong with your turns or drifts, you can check whether the “Smart Steering” mode is on or not.

Mario kart rideMario kart ride

Download game Mario Kart Tour

Mario kart ride


Here is some information about Mario kart ride Basically for those of you who want to play Mario racing game. Follow to update the latest gaming news.

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