Mario transforms into an elephant in the new game Super Mario 2D


Nintendo has officially revealed the new game Super Mario 2D: Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The game will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch later this year. Super Mario Bros. Wonder retains some of the popular aspects of Super Mario Bros. while at the same time pursuing bold development directions.

The trailer reveals Super Mario Bros. Wonder is just over 2 minutes long, but it has given fans plenty of details, including an October 20 release date. With detailed animations and more vibrant colors than its predecessors, Super Mario Bros. Wonder follows Mario and his teammates completing all kinds of challenges, encountering new and old enemies along the way. Mario and his companions can collect new power-ups to gain an advantage such as changing the game world by bringing pipes to life, increasing Mario’s height or turning him into a fruit ball, spikes, etc.

Mario will not be alone in this new adventure. Similar to the New Super Mario Bros. series of games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder supports cooperative play. In addition to Mario, players can control other characters such as Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy.

The trailer ends with an image of another new power-up that will appear in the game. When used, this item turns Mario into an elephant and has the ability to kick Goomba. Super Mario Bros. Wonder will launch on October 20 on Nintendo Switch.


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