Martha Is Dead: The story of the mysterious twins puts the hair on the back of the neck

Martha is Dead rùng rợn đến từng chi tiết

martha is dead it’s a title horror game for pc, contains psychological elements developed in the first person with many extremely creepy and dark details. The circuit of the game is quite gloomy and there are many scary jumpscare scenes, contraindicated for children who want to play alone.

The plot of the horror game Martha is Dead

I can say, martha is dead it is a trophy of the horror game industry when it has successfully exploited a game theme that is extremely attractive and attractive to the world of gamers.

Martha is Dead and how to wisely exploit the psychology of the character

Set in the years 1944 of World War II, the time of wars and conflicts that claimed many human lives. Nazi Germany at that time was a powerful country with the ambition to sweep the entire continent of the world. By this time, Germany had invaded Italy and occupied the city of Tuscany (fictional location), the birthplace and upbringing of twin sisters Martha and Giulia, and also the two key figures in charge of the whole affair. martha is dead.

The story is about the family of Mr. Erich.K, a general in the German army. He has two extremely beautiful daughters, Martha and Giulia. Martha and Giulia did not have a very good childhood like many other children, they had a history of being abandoned, beaten and psychologically abused by the people who gave birth to them. Martha is the younger sister, born deaf, and Giulia, the sister who was always abandoned by her birth mother because she thought she was the reason her sister was so deaf.

Martha has died two sistersgiulia and martha

The horror story begins one afternoon, when her sister Giulia takes her sister Martha to a small lake in a large forest to take pictures. The two have fun together until Giulia comes home and doesn’t see her sister anymore, and the photo she took in the woods doesn’t really show anyone but Giulia…

martha is dead high graphicsThe still surface of the lake hides the mysterious death of Martha

Later, Giulia discovered her brother’s corpse floating in the middle of the lake, Martha’s body was discovered when the body of a drowned woman was floating in the lake…

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martha is dead body foundMartha’s body was discovered by the lake.

The parents of both could not calm down after hearing the news, the biological mother because she loved Martha so much that she mistakenly recognized her sister Giulia, forcing her to take her sister’s title. Giulia’s nanny once said that in this deserted town there has long existed a horror legend about the evil spirit of a woman killed by her lover who hangs from a tree near the lake where the two sisters arrived.

Since Martha’s death, Giulia’s mood has drastically deteriorated, to the point that she commits suicide, but fails when her mother finds out. After Martha’s traumatic funeral, Giulia decides to find the killer who killed her sister. And her mother was the first character Giulia listed as the number one suspect.

martha is dead the mother is listed as a suspectIs the mother the murderer of her daughter Martha?

Martha is dead character paths

Julia: The path of the main character of the entire plot is the character that the player will play.

martha is dead giulia main charactermain character giulia

Martha: Giulia’s unfortunate brother, who was born deaf and dumb, was found drowning in a lake near the estate.

martha is deaf sistersGiulia with her deaf-mute sister Martha

Erich.K: The kind father of two sisters, and also a special soldier of the German army. He was a model, always caring and loving Giulia.

martha is dead dad characterMarta and Giulia’s father

Irene: Giulia’s cruel mother, the villain Giulia suspects of the culprit that led to Martha’s traumatic death. Despite being the one who gave birth to Giulia, Irene never considered her as her daughter, but simply as an annoying thorn.

Martha is the character of the dead mother.The cruel mother made Giulia suffer injustice for many years

Martha is dead: gameplay

Role simulation game, survival.

martha is dead Use the “walking simulation” RPG episode of the character Giulia to bring the most macabre experience to the player. The context of the game is as close as possible to the details of the war, the wild and rustic landscape and the abandoned houses in the Italian rural village in the last years of the second world war are the highlights of the game. the game.

The opening scene is the mansion of Mr. Erich.K’s family, where Martha’s body was discovered. Giulia will start her journey from here, she will explore and investigate information, documents, photos and videos as evidence for her sister’s murder case.

martha is dead scary grim scenescary scene in Mr. Erich’s house

Besides, martha is dead will provide and suggest the tasks that the player (the character Giulia) must perform in order to carry out the investigation of the perpetrator. Because it is a horror game that is interwoven with spooky spirit, detective and survival elements, in general, this game requires players to have a sharp mind, brave enough to proceed to discover exciting details. Sometimes players will get lost in mysterious events without being able to use the map to search for information, requiring you to take advantage of survival skills to find clues.

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Marta has died in the first person.The first-person perspective provides a spooky experience.

technical charts

Published by Wired Productions, martha is dead received a lot of trust from the gaming community because the graphics are described very realistically. Every, even the smallest detail in the game is invested as much as possible by the developer.

Players when they participate in the game will feel that they are really living in a creepy mansion, and they themselves are really living in the form of Giulia.

Marta has died in the first person.The first-person perspective offers a spooky experience.

Perhaps due to the serious and professional investment to bring a realistic experience to the players, this hit horror game has been showered with praise from the audience and critics. However, compared to the positive reception from critics, but martha is dead it remains a controversial game due to the horror element and graphic cutscenes that were cut when passing censorship on PlayStation. However, how can everyone compete with the appeal of this horror game, right?


For a horror game, it never hurts to invest in sound quality. Due to the nature of the horror game, it is very necessary for the items to create a feeling of “scary”, “cold column” for players, so martha is dead It is a game that possesses such vivid sound quality that you can hear the ripples of the lake’s surface, the wind howling through each door slot, or the sour friction of the rusty door bar for a long time, all resound. and create realistic cinema-like movies.

Marta has died in the first person.The sound is so real it’s chilling.

Settings to play the game Martha is Dead

martha is dead It is a game that uses a high graphics set, so you must remember to consider choosing the appropriate machine configuration.

martha is dead high graphicsHigh graphics worthy of horror games.

minimal configuration

OS: win 10 64 bit

CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD respectively


Graphic card: Nvidia GTX 670 or AMD R9 270X

empty capacity: 30GB

Maximum configuration (recommended)

OS: win 10 64 bit

CPU: Intel Core i7 or AMD respectively

RAM: 16 GB

Graphic card: Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD RX 5500

empty capacity: 30GB

Download horror game Martha is Dead

It is downloaded by following the link below, this is a super good survival horror game for everyone. Monitor gamer blog to read more titles horror game for pc good.

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