Meeting between HLE and Dplus KIA

Meeting between HLE and Dplus KIA

The match on Saturday afternoon March 4 between the two is the most anticipated “showdown” right now!

Dplus KIA is currently a team with a good series of performances and is gradually recovering its inherent winning streak. Today’s battle will directly decide DK’s ticket to the playoffs!

For HLE, who is on a winning streak with a “fringe” of up to 5 goals, if he can maintain his form in the match against a strong opponent, the top 3 position in the LCK Week 7 rankings is probably waiting for our Boys! !

HLE the past few matches have performed very well with an extremely solid fighting style against the top teams below, HLE’s most recent win stands as a record. Second fastest Korean League of Legends championship win in just over 18 minutes of gameplay!

On the Dplus KIA side, they are also one of the strong opponents with their touted performance in recent days. Perhaps after the recent disappointing defeats, Dplus KIA has gradually found the right path so as not to miss the chance to enter the top 3 of the table.

In addition, we have two more matches that will take place on Sunday March 5, ending week 7 of competition. The match is broadcast in copyright on LCK Vietnamese, LCK Global (English BLV) and Twitch (Korean BLV) channels.

Watch the full game at overall LCK.

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