Mesmerized with the scene of “dragon snake” going to Kiem’s ​​Tong Kim The player on the Song Long Tinh Kiem server

Mesmerized with the scene of "dragon snake" going to Kiem's ​​Tong Kim The player on the Song Long Tinh Kiem server

Kiem The is one of the veteran names in the Vietnamese gaming village, officially launched by VNG in Vietnam in 2009 and favored by the older generation of gamers with the title “king of sword game series”. After 13 years of development, Kiem The once again caused a stir in the community when it opened the Song Long Tinh Kiem server in the 2009 cluster, separate from previous server clusters.

The train that takes players back to the green version of the previous decade called Song Long Tinh Kiem officially set off on July 12. It is a new server designed to faithfully reproduce the best essence of Kiem The in the first versions. After 2 weeks of experience, Kiem The has recorded over 10,000 characters created on the new server, along with countless positive feedback from the gaming community.

Tong Kim: Soul of Sword World and Sword RPG Series

In addition to the sect system, the copies, the PVE functions… are the ones that mark the brand of the game in general. Particularly in the Sword Hiep Tinh Duyen game, especially Kiem The, Tong Kim battlefield is the soul that creates the attraction that tens of millions of players are passionate about.

Players Appreciate Kiem The Tong Kim Feature On Song Long Tinh Kiem Server

For a long time, the Tong Kim battlefield has been known as the most dramatic and dramatic battlefield. This is a place for first timers to learn and experience the course; It is also the place where masters display their strength, talent, and technique through endless PK stages.

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And Tong Kim in Song Long Tinh Kiem is even more special when it comes to the “populated land” atmosphere: every 1 square meter there are dozens of enemies, pampered for players to train their eyes and hands.

Tong Kim in Kiem El: Song Long Tinh Kiem is crowded, players enjoy “living” in the bustling atmosphere of the immortal battlefield.

The group of “dragon snakes” lined up to sign up to create a magnificent and eye-catching scene.

In community groups, players discuss strategies for intense matchups: Masters compete to share while less fortunate Generals “squeeze” each other to wait for a chance to turn the tide in subsequent matches.

Sword The: It’s not just entertainment, it’s also youth

Kiem The is one of the earliest games, associated with the youth of many generations of Vietnamese players. And it’s also one of the rare PC games that has great vitality when it has a large and tightly connected community of players over the past 13 years. Time is something that no one can hold on to, and emotions are very difficult to experience a second time. However, Sword The players can rewind time to unleash the fury, find the enthusiasm of youth; Together with comrades everywhere, explore many new horizons, discover the secrets of martial arts skills like in the beginning: with Song Long Tinh Kiem.

The Kiem player has always been admired by the gaming community for the strong bond he has maintained over the past decade, along with civilized behavior in the spirit of suggestion and construction.

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Playing is for entertainment, but together we went through many wars, we traveled around four pools, our heads on the ground, our feet on the ground… suddenly the feelings stick together.

Whether you are a new player or “ploughing” for decades, everyone should “ask for” a secret.

Or even the love of beauty, the love of appearance is also “gathering”, having a new group is fun

Song Long Tinh Kiem is a new server designed to faithfully reproduce the best essence of Kiem The in the first versions. Therefore, the publisher has rebalanced the level and equipment system to ensure that the character’s growth rate is not too fast; at the same time, adjust the balance of the sect to bring fairness to all players.

Players appreciate Kiem The balance system in Song Long Tinh Kiem

Specifically, this server will have some outstanding features such as: disable public transmission; just open the song you, do not exchange Huyen Tinh 7 in Ky Tran Cac; open 12 sects (no Co Mo, Tieu Dao, Ba Dao, Thien Co Cac); adjustable campfire function; and many more features…

In addition, players can also experience many other unique features but more complete level than 2009 version of Sword The like: Tieu Dao Coc, Bach Ho Duong, Quan Doanh, Trade Guild, Golden Seashell, Territorial Competition, Sect Competition, Wedding, Mongolian Battlefield – Tay Ha, Hiep Guest… Especially, Kiem The also has a feature to support players after the release date so no one can see the part of back when they join the server.