Milio: Fire-type support mage

Milio: Fire-type support mage

Milio the brave boy with his fireball friends!

milio biography

Milio is a good-hearted boy from the land of Ixtal. Despite his young age, Milio was the one who mastered the principles of fire operation. Discovered many new things about him: soft fire ── is also Milio’s Passive.

Milio mastered the elemental axioms of fire as a child, and Lupé (Milio’s grandmother) knew that her grandson had done what the rest of the family couldn’t. With his abilities, Milio finally ends his family’s exile, returning them to their rightful place in Ixtal’s ruling class.

With the power discovered within him, Milio wants to help his family escape exile by joining Yun Tal, just like his grandmother did.

After crossing the forest of Ixtal to reach the capital of Ixaocan, Milio will face Vidalion and join Yun Tal. However, he did not know that he would have to deal with the trials and dangers that lay ahead.


Milio (credit: Riot)

Milio roleplays as a support for a Fire-type mage, as well as tagging along to protect the gunner, Milio can use his own passive to burn his teammates.

Milio is a True Fire Master who possesses the ability to control the element of fire with ease. Unlike the destructive fireballs of champions like Brand or Annie, Milio’s hot fire spirit has the ability to heal teammates instead of damaging and knocking back opponents.

“Our goal is to create a mage that matches and ‘don’t miss’ compared to the rest of the mage champions. However, Milio has yet to bring a new breeze to bring new and engaging experiences for players.”

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────── Riot Emizery shared.

featured hero | Dev Diary: Milio

The next champion to set foot on the great League of Legends map is none other than the handsome and brave boy from the land of Ixtal sounds.

Milio is a mischievous support magician, a teenager who brings warmth wherever he goes. He is a master at manipulating fireballs that heal allies, instead of damaging opponents, creating an adorable fireball from his eternal flames.

Now, he leaves the town of Ixtal to conquer the last great milestone, to be the pride of his beloved family.

Welcome to Milio Champion Spotlight!

“Let’s go fireworks! We have a lot of work to do!”

Passive ─ Excited! (rough translation: Fire!)

When Milio hits an ally with an ability, his next attack will scale up, dealing heavy damage and burning the target.

Q Ultra Mega Fire Kick (roughly translated: Super power fire kick)

Milio launches a fireball kick that stuns and knocks down enemy champions. During this attack, the fireball bounces behind the target, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies.

W ─ Cozy Campfire (roughly translated: Warming campfire)

Milio will create a circle of energy to heal allies (in the designated area) and also increase the attack ability of allies within range.

E ─ Warm Hugs (roughly translated: warm hug)

Milio activates a shield for his allies, and movement speed is also activated to help him move faster.

R Breath of Life (roughly translated: Breath of Life)

Milio unleashes a wave of Melting Flame (purifying) that removes all crowd control and heals all nearby allies.

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