Millions of votes to find 140 “great products”

Millions of votes to find 140 "great products"

The journey to find the next Champion of the talented Miss & Mister VLTK arena is taking place in a very exciting way. The contest brought together tens of thousands of young men and women from 7 titles in the Sword Hiep Tinh Duyen – Vo Lam Truyen Ky series, which erupted on screens with fierce competition. Through two rounds, the arena has “distilled the quintessence” of 15,000 Round 1 contestants and 5,000 excellent candidates who entered Round 2, including PC game contestants to name 140 beautiful masterpieces to enter the Round 3.

The public also enthusiastically supported the contestants on all fronts: from giving in-game roses to asking the community to vote for their friends. It is these things that have reaffirmed the meaning of the message “One Hundred Talents of Sac” and made the heat of this year’s contest.

Let’s take a look at the “remarkable” achievement Miss & Mister VLTK 2022 made after 2 rounds before we look at the fierce competition of potential contestants in the final round.

At 10:00 on September 8, Round 3 will begin: The final round of Miss & Mister VLTK 2022. 140 contestants from 7 games will continue to submit videos with the theme “Sac’s Hundred Talents” to further summon votes. In this round, the public can give roses to the participants of any game. The final result will be decided based on the number of votes from Rose, the amount of interaction in the contest (video) on the fan page and the points of the Jury. Surely in the days to come, the Sword Hiep Tinh Duyen – Vo Lam Truyen Ky gaming community will be more vibrant than ever with hundreds of outstanding talents of potential Champion crown contenders and 45 billion dong prize pools.

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Please continuously follow Miss & Mister VLTK 2022 official information page for updated information and participant rankings at: