Modern Warfare 2 is the Call of Duty game with the most epic debut ever

Modern Warfare 2 is the Call of Duty game with the most epic debut ever

Modern Warfare 2 is very trendy right now. The game is widely received from PC to Console. On Steam, Modern Warfare 2 has been and continues to be the best-selling weekly game on the platform. Although quite a few people initially pinned their hopes on the game’s ability to be successful upon its initial release, the numbers never lie. According to SteamDB, the game attracted 263,174 players online over the weekend. This is the highest player peak for the Call of Duty franchise on Steam, surpassing the previous game that held the record Black Ops 3 with 63,681 players.

Modern Warfare 2 currently occupies the sixth position in the ranking of most played games on Steam. Steam figures are not representative of all PC gamers, as the game is also sold on PC codes purchased from third-party stores are also limited to Activision Blizzard’s own client, so the overall number of Modern Warfare 2 players on PC could be even higher.


As for the Console, specifically PlayStation, Modern Warfare 2 broke sales records. The official PlayStation Twitter account congratulated Infinity Ward and Activision on the biggest launch of a Call of Duty game on the PlayStation Store. Although no specific figures are disclosed, UK PlayStation store data shows that Modern Warfare 2 sales are up 42% compared to Vanguard, though still 61% lower than Modern Warfare released in 2019. Modern Warfare 2 game disc sales are also overwhelming on PS5 with 53% of orders shipped to fans.

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