Moonstone: Unleashing the Power of the Night

Moonstone: Unleashing the Power of the Night
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Ah, Moonstone! A legendary game that seamlessly blends strategy, real-time combat, and immersive role-playing. With its gripping gameplay and breathtaking visuals, Moonstone takes players on a thrilling quest filled with blood-soaked battles and mystic wonders.

An Epic Journey Awaits

Step into the shoes of a chosen knight, on a mission bestowed upon you by the druids: to return the enigmatic ‘moonstone’ to its rightful place at Stonehenge. Gather your courage as you embark on this perilous adventure, filled with challenges and ancient secrets waiting to be unveiled.

A World Divided

Moonstone’s world map is divided into four distinct regions, each with its own unique atmosphere and menacing creatures.

Misty Moors: The Blue Knight’s Domain

In the misty northwest region, you’ll encounter the formidable Axe and Spear-bearing Troggs, accompanied by their loyal War Beasts. Highwood, the city nestled within this region, houses the High Temple where magical items can be bought and sold.

Wetlands: The Red Knight’s Enclave

Venture into the southeastern Wetlands, where fearsome Trolls and Mudmen lurk in the shadows. Discover Waterdeep, a bustling city home to the enigmatic Mythral the Mystic, who can enhance your abilities in exchange for gold. But be warned, sometimes the fickle hand of fate may reduce your powers at random.

Great Forest: The Green Knight’s Realm

The southwestern Great Forest is teeming with Troggs and Ratmen. Journey to the legendary Stonehenge, where a noble act of donating a magical item can grant you an additional lease on life.

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Northern Wastelands: The Orange Knight’s Territory

In the northeastern wastelands, face off against fierce Troggs and formidable Baloks. Dare to enter the Tower of Math the Wizard, where rewards and surprises await. Be cautious, however, as Math may play tricks on you and turn you into a frog if you test his patience.

The Dual Nature of Moonstone

Moonstone captivates players with its unique gameplay, encompassing two distinct modes: turn-based exploration and real-time combat. As you traverse the world map, each player can strategically move within a limited distance and explore diverse locations. The dolmens, guarded by fearsome monsters, serve as gateways to the heart-pounding combat that awaits.

In the heat of battle, take full control of your chosen knight and engage in sword combat reminiscent of classics like Barbarian and Sword of Sodan. Triumph over the menacing creatures and reap the rewards that await. Each victory grants both treasures and valuable experience points that can be allocated to your knight’s three vital abilities: Strength, Constitution, and Endurance, each with a maximum potential of 5.

Unleashing the Power Within

Every knight seeks the ultimate objective: to obtain one of the four keys hidden throughout the realm. Assemble all four keys, whether by discovery or cunning theft from rival knights, and unlock the fabled Valley of the Gods. Here, a fierce battle against the Guardian awaits, where only the most valiant can claim a sacred ‘moonstone’.

The moonstone, a vessel of untold power, corresponds randomly to one of the lunar phases. When wielded by your knight during the corresponding phase, it bestows unimaginable strength. To bring peace and harmony, the moonstone must be returned to its rightful place, Stonehenge, to complete the grand adventure.

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Facing the Fury of the Dragon

But beware! After a few days of relentless pursuit, a fearsome dragon emerges, sweeping across the land with uncontrollable fury. Unprepared players may meet their untimely demise. Skilled knights, however, can exploit the dragon’s one weakness: its neck. A well-timed strike immobilizes the dragon, presenting an opportunity for a series of devastating blows.

With persistence and dexterity, victory can be yours, regardless of the odds. Unleash your full potential and conquer the challenges that lie in wait. Will you seize the glory that Moonstone offers, or succumb to its treacherous trials?

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