Ms. Minh Thu posted a long letter on an A4 page, explaining the recent “slap” and does she plan to be a Streamer?

Ms. Minh Thu posted a long letter on an A4 page, explaining the recent "slap" and does she plan to be a Streamer?

Known and famous for the image of a beautiful and educated physics teacher online, but Ms. Minh Thu’s series of non-standard behavior when she became famous so quickly made this young lady stumble on the wave. Strong reviews from the online community as well as the professors who are teaching directly.

Specifically, when she started teaching live, Ms. Minh Thu called herself Master Minh Thu. In addition to a close and easy-to-understand teaching style, what makes this young woman born in 1997 in her hometown of Nghe An attract the online community is also thanks to her beautiful appearance and her sweet voice. However, as soon as she became famous, Ms. Thu faced a series of controversies, from failing to graduate from Pedagogical School due to her debts, to swearing on broadcast, asking to learn games, making donations, leaving fall to the listeners, watch The viewers, and jokingly shouted at the audience,… As netizens and many teachers protested, demanding that Ms. Thu remove the “teacher” label, the young lady also had her own explanation, word by word. HERE.

“Professor Minh Thu” has changed her name to “Ms. Minh Thu”.

First, the page “Teacher Minh Thu” changed its name to “Ms. Minh Thu” and changed from “Educational Website” to “Inspirational Speaker”. Explaining this change, Ms. Thu did not directly admit that it was due to pressure from the online community, but she did say that “the name change has more important intentions.” Then, to explain her outrageous actions (rolling her eyes, raising her voice), Ms. Thu’s original words shared: “…Because from the very beginning, I identified the Tiktok platform as the foundation for fun, the entertainment like a normal tiktoker, i don’t intend to share knowledge like on facebook the eye-rolling clip is in case i reacted to someone else’s question, and at the time i was just trying to create content. content… While making that video, I just thought it was “fun” and “cool”, but unfortunately, it wasn’t as funny and cool as I thought, which made viewers feel offensive and against the gentle image of a ” teacher” that students still think of me. I apologize for this action. I promise to change and become more aware of my behavior online.”

The not-so-beautiful photos of Ms. Thu recently.

Regarding the alleged lack of teaching experience when she confused basic knowledge, Ms. Thu explained that the person who responded to the comment was the CTV on the page, not herself. She also admitted that she was not good at managing and operating the page, which led to people misunderstanding that she did not understand the basics.

Master Minh Thu’s fanpage confused the right hand rule with the left hand.

One of the most painful and doomed aspects of Ms. Thu is her gaming-related issues. In addition to lecturing and imparting knowledge to others, Ms. Thu is also a completely normal person: “…she likes to play games and hopes that she can play with everyone and share relaxing moments. But I didn’t think, predict or know for sure. whether my games would inadvertently encourage students to play games,” Ms. Thu said. The young woman then admitted her fault and vowed to be more responsible so as not to affect the students who were following her.

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At the end of the letter, Ms. Thu said that now she will no longer use the title of “teacher”, but will only ask for a live broadcast, such as content to convey knowledge as a creator, just a content creator. Ms. Minh Thu’s original purpose was to provide knowledge to the students, so she hopes that after realizing her inappropriate actions, Ms. Thu will continue to achieve her original goal and graduate soon, truly become a teacher standing at the podium.

Let’s hope that in the future Ms. Minh Thu will reconstruct a beautiful image of a person who imparts knowledge to students.

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