My Konami Efootball Points: A Comprehensive Guide

my konami efootball points

Mykonami EFootball Points serve as the virtual currency in myClub mode, allowing players to unlock exciting in-game items. However, many gamers find themselves puzzled about the best way to quickly accumulate eFootball points. If you’re looking to boost your point count efficiently, read on for some valuable tips.

How to Earn Points

eFootball points grant players access to bonuses and rewards in PES Mobile. These rewards can significantly enhance player ratings and enable progress to higher levels. Notably, special events like “Starter” provide an excellent opportunity to earn plenty of coins just by logging into the game daily!

To incentivize gamers to play PES 2021, KONAMI introduced eFootball points as an ingenious form of virtual currency. Unfortunately, these points cannot be carried over to the next season and have expiration dates that must be observed.

To collect eFootball points, users must first link their Konami ID account with their myClub account on PES Mobile. Doing so will grant a daily bonus of 200 eFootball points. Additional points can be earned by participating in Tour Event matches or signing four players from the Special Players List. Watching Konami campaigns during major football events, such as the UEFA eEURO 2021 FINALS events, can also earn players extra points. Remember, each myClub account on PES 2021 can only be linked to one Konami ID account.

How to Check Your Points

With the introduction of eFootball Points in PES 2021 and myClub mode, players may still have questions about how the system works in practice. Specifically, many wonder whether their points carry over from season to season or have an expiration date.

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To check your eFootball Points balance, there are several options available. You can visit the myKonami website or navigate through the game itself. Simply ensure that your game account is linked to a valid KONAMI ID by going into Settings > [Online Settings] and clicking [Link KONAMI ID]. Once you agree to the eFootball Point Program Terms of Use, you can start redeeming your eFootball Points through myClub mode. Remember, you can only link one KONAMI ID account at a time, so choose wisely!

How to Redeem Points

KONAMI’s DataPack 3.0 introduced an in-game currency known as eFootball Points, which can be redeemed in the shop for various rewards. These rewards range from player and club kits to skill boosts and position increases. To redeem your points successfully, ensure that your game account is linked to your KONAMI ID through the Settings in PES 2021.

Once your game account is linked, you can start using your eFootball points in the shop. Before making any purchases, be sure to agree to the Terms of Use for the eFootball Point Program. Remember, you can only link one game account at a time to your KONAMI ID.

Lastly, keep in mind that eFootball points have expiration dates. They will expire at 23:59:59 on the last day of every sixth month after being claimed from your inbox. To stay updated on these expiration dates, log into myKonami and click on “Account Information” or “Linked Accounts” to monitor when these dates approach.

Despite their limitations, eFootball points remain valuable for recruiting new players and improving existing ones. Some players have expressed frustration with the limited selection of managers available, as well as the lack of diversity within division matches and events. Additionally, repetitive content and poor quality packs in the store have also caused discontent among players.

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How to Check the Expiration Date of Points

Similar to other in-game currencies, players must agree to the terms and conditions to redeem eFootball points. Once you complete this process, you can use your points to unlock special in-game items. However, it’s essential to note that eFootball points come with an expiration date. They expire at midnight on the final day of every sixth month, six months after being claimed from your inbox.

To check the expiration dates of your eFootball points, visit My KONAMI and select the linkage option. This will display all your linked game accounts that possess eFootball points, along with the current balance.

There are several ways to earn eFootball points in PES games, including winning events, completing objectives, receiving them as rewards, or purchasing them with real-world money. Daily login bonuses, special campaigns, and promotion within your league are also avenues for accumulating additional points. Regardless of the method, be sure to keep an eye on your balance to ensure you have enough points saved up for the PES 2021 Season Update.

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