My Konami eFootball Points

my konami efootball points

Once players link their game accounts to KONAMI IDs, they can begin redeeming eFootball Points – but only one KONAMI ID may be associated with each platform game account.

By keeping all your data together in one spot, this is an effective way to safeguard it when Konami issues an update – your information won’t get lost or corrupted in transit!

eFootball Points

With the launch of Datapack 3.0, KONAMI has implemented an in-game currency known as eFootball Points that allows players to acquire teams and in-game items but comes with some restrictions; such as its expiry date. It should be utilized quickly before its value becomes depleted.

To maximize your eFootball Points, link your game account with your KONAMI ID. You can do this by entering your eFootball ID on myKonami and clicking “OK”. Next, you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service of eFootball Point Program; once this step has been taken you may begin redeeming them!

As well as earning eFootball Points, completing tasks and participating in events will allow you to collect rewards ranging from items and players. Be wary, however; some rewards may contain duplicate items; failing which, you could end up spending your eFootball Points on non-essential purchases!

Gaining eFootball Points in Efootball 2023 Mobile is not always straightforward, particularly since Konami does not provide a clear explanation on their official website as to how you can do it. There are some effective strategies available though for earning these eFootball Points including attending special event matchdays and playing core Pro Evolution Soccer series games.

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Playing core titles from the PES series is one of the best ways to accumulate eFootball points, with these titles available across platforms like PS4, Xbox and Steam. Once earned in these titles, eFootball points earned can be used to unlock bonuses and features in myClub, while players may even use them to purchase Level Training Programs.

eFootball 2022

After its disappointing initial launch that saw it barely more than an unplayable demo, eFootball 2022 took several positive steps with its 1.0 update. Now featuring an actual mode and with most bugs having vanished (at least temporarily), but larger changes must still take place quickly or else the game may remain stagnant.

One of the key upgrades was Konami’s introduction of team pressing as one of their major improvements, providing modern tactical play that was sorely missing at release. It works smoothly; calling teammates for extra pressure or stealing high up the pitch can result in goalscoring opportunities – showing they took time to learn from past errors and improve gameplay. Although minor, it demonstrates they took the initiative to learn from past errors and advance gameplay.

The v1.1.4 update brought with it some small adjustments to mobile controls, in the hopes that this will enable the game to better compete against FIFA Ultimate Team, which dominates free-to-play football gaming. Releasing packs featuring top European leagues was another nice touch.

Konami has made another important change with the inclusion of Major League Soccer clubs into eFootball 2023 license, making a marked improvement from earlier Pro Evolution Soccer titles. They have signed a multi-year deal with Major League Soccer to incorporate their teams into eFootball 2023; hopefully this is a sign that its franchise has finally entered its golden age; though only time will tell whether this proves an outstanding success or another disappointing failure from Konami’s football division.

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eFootball 2021

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer video game series continues with eFootball 2021, boasting an exciting new in-game currency which allows players to unlock additional features. Furthermore, this title offers multiple game modes and even offers competitive eSports matches!

Play eFootball on PS4, Steam and Xbox One – or link multiple accounts across platforms for maximum earning potential! Doing this will allow them to accrue points daily and even gain extra ones through Konami campaigns when available!

Goalscoring in any round of the UEFA eEURO 2021 FINALS tournament will earn 500 eFootball Points; reaching milestones within myClub, such as signing Legends such as D. BECKHAM, F. TOTTI or S. GERRARD will add further value to your squad with their abilities and style of play.

Your eFootball Points can be redeemed across KONAMI networks to redeem in-game items and bonuses, so to do this make sure the KONAMI ID associated with your game account is linked with your eFootball Account by visiting My KONAMI and clicking [Account Information] > [Linked Game Accounts]. Furthermore, before redeeming points you must accept the terms of use associated with eFootball Point Program Terms of Use as they expire six months after arriving in your Inbox.