My KONAMI – How to Earn and Check Your eFootball Points

my konami efootball points

To take full advantage of the eFootball Point Program, link all game accounts with a single KONAMI ID across platforms and enjoy cross-platform bonuses such as Legendary Card Beckenbauer.

As part of our 28th Anniversary celebrations of eFootball, we’re offering special rewards to players who link their games! This event runs from January 30, 2023 (Monday) 11:00 until February 13, 2023 (Monday).

How to earn eFootball Points

Konami strives to recreate an experience as close as possible to real football in their eFootball simulation, so they have created three types of in-game currencies: Coins, Points and GP; these premium options are acquired via purchase while gameplay earns you these in-game currencies.

eFootball Points can be earned through in-game activities like taking part in Matchday events with preset teams and watching eSports matches, or engaging with campaigns on the official site during major football events and special occasions. To redeem them, players must link their game account with a Konami ID.

Players can use eFootball points in the shop to purchase player cards and rewards. For instance, you could use your points to sign legendary cards such as Beckenbauer on contracts, or upgrade their teams by adding top coaches.

However, players should remember that eFootball Points do have expiration dates, and players should use them wisely when purchasing unnecessary items or unnecessary upgrades for long-term success in the game.

Newcomers to Konami’s franchise can use my Konami website to check their expiration dates of their eFootball Points as well as view usage history – this will allow them to plan spending more accurately.

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How to redeem eFootball Points

The eFootball Point program is a virtual currency used to acquire in-game items for the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) video games series, such as consoles and PC. Points earned from playing core titles can be redeemed on mobile devices through myClub mode; for best results you must link both platforms using Konami ID.

Players can earn rewards from playing eFootball such as club kits and skill/position trainers; however, players should remember that eFootball Points do have an expiration date; they will expire six months after you claim them in your inbox at midnight on the last day.

As such, it’s essential that you carefully plan and budget how much you wish to spend. Saving eFootball Points for items difficult to acquire with coins or GP will allow you to build a balanced squad without overspending in any one area of the game. Remembering that once expiration occurs eFootball Points cannot be redeemed again is crucial; to help with this myKonami offers access to your eFootball Point usage history as well as linking game accounts allowing easy management.

How to check eFootball Points

KONAMI makes it easy to check your eFootball Points via the My KONAMI website, provided your game account is linked with a KONAMI ID. eFootball Points serve as currency that can be redeemed for in-game items and bonuses – you can earn them by engaging with core titles, as well as participating in eSports competitions.

Each matchday event can net you an varying number of eFootball Points depending on how many matches and goals are played and scored, plus additional eFootball Points from playing in Round 2.

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Players should remember they can only link their game account to a KONAMI ID once, after which it cannot be unlinked again. Furthermore, when redeeming their eFootball Points they should do so only on their primary game account.

How to check the expiration date of eFootball Points

Konami has introduced eFootball Points back into eFootball 2023 Mobile, so players can unlock different players and items. Unfortunately, many players are confused on how they can earn these points and when their expiration dates will be. Luckily, Konami has provided a way for players to check this information through their official website.

Players can track the expiration of their eFootball Points by logging into My Konami and visiting the eFootball Points section of this website. Inbox claiming players may also access this section in order to see when their points expire – typically midnight of the last day of every six month after having claimed them from Konami Inbox.

eFootball Points can be earned in multiple ways, from playing core titles and watching live streams on the Konami campaigns site (when available) to participating in special in-game events and competitions, to redeeming them for in-game items via myClub mode.

Players should keep in mind that only one game account can be linked with their KONAMI ID at a time; if they own multiple titles, this means selecting which game they would like their eFootball Points spent on. Once linked, however, it cannot be unlinked easily.