Mystic Treasure – The intellectual game that follows the trend of “Learn to earn rewards” promises to become a new trend

Mystic Treasure - The intellectual game that follows the trend of "Learn to earn rewards" promises to become a new trend

In 2021, Sky Mavies’ Axie Infinity game caused a stir in the gaming market when it turned a small game studio into a unicorn of the Vietnamese tech world. That is also the reason why a number of big and small game studios have released game products in many different genres with the expectation of repeating the success of Axie. However, most of these games stop at the genres of role-playing games (MMORPG, RPG), turn-based (Turn-base) or general cards (Card Battle)… This makes the market look like a bunch of products . , but it is actually too boring in terms of content.

There have been too many gaming products released in 2021

Therefore, Mystic Treasure developed by Spider Moon Studio is said to be a new breeze in choosing your own path by following the trend. learn and earn and use the 2D cartoon graphic style in the direction of cracking the treasure digging map.

Mystic Treasure Trailer

learn and earn is an interesting program that allows users to receive free rewards for gaining knowledge and correctly answering questions on various topics in the field of blockchain. Mystic Treasure is the leading game of this new trend.. By participating in this game, the player will transform into a treasure hunter character, the daily task of the player is to crack the simulated treasure hunt map by 10 multiple choice questions / Maps with all kinds of knowledge in the world such as: Painting, culture – society, geography, history, mathematics, foreign languages… By completing the multiple choice questions, the player will now be taken to the mines to dig for treasures to upgrade their home and equipment system.

Mystic Treasure requires players to decipher treasures through multiple choice questions

Not only that, Mystic Treasure also allows players to challenge other players online for intellectual competition through the game’s Arena feature with many different game modes such as: Online Versus Challenge (1v1), Arena 100 ( 1 vs 100), World Arena (1 vs server). In each game mode, players will use their intelligence to answer game system questions. Players who participate in these game modes when they win will be honored and receive great gifts from the game system.

Challenge features promise to turn Mystic Treasure into a sports game

With the above challenging features, Mystic Treasure has the ambition to become a leading game not only in the field. learn to win but it also promises to become an esports game that allows many players around the world to participate in online competitions and earn rewards without any problem.

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According to our received information, this Mystic Treasure game will be going into an alpha test this September with lots of fantastic and attractive prizes. At this time, readers can obtain information on Mystic Treasure products at:​​​​​​

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