Netizens reacted simultaneously to the Tiktoker who changed… to Vietnamese to sound cuter

Netizens reacted simultaneously to the Tiktoker who changed... to Vietnamese to sound cuter

In a context where government directive 16 is applied everywhere, family members cannot leave home unnecessarily and one of the most popular ways to kill time is to “go for a walk” on social media, especially on Tiktok. Perhaps so, seemingly simple and silly videos for entertainment purposes are scrutinized and discussed more than usual.

Recently, a short video of about 1 minute made by a Tiktoker named Sweet Fish (2002) sharing about her cutest way of speaking has met with a wave of mixed opinions from netizens, most of which are critical. When hearing the title for the first time, many people will think that this girl is about to share some secret to make girls talk more charming or flexible, more popular, but no, it turns out that the girl leads each person with a variation of “recipe”. .. Vietnamese. For more details, watch the video below.

Specifically, this friend instructs viewers to change all the letters “S”, “X” to “Ch” and “C” to “T” when speaking. It is not clear if this is a “recipe” that she came up with or where she got it from, but as soon as this video was posted on many Fanpages with a large number of followers, this way of speaking was praised for being cute. and charming less, but denigrate, boycott more.

Some argue that if this formula is applied when discussing, the fights will be much less intense.

Gamehub believes that each of us should love and appreciate the purity and purity of the Vietnamese language, not variations like this. The way of speaking sounds cute or not depends on each person’s ability to express themselves, use words and charm, not change the language, both misspelling and losing the original meaning of words. .

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