New RPG from the Arknights universe in development

New RPG from the Arknights universe in development

Shanghai-based developer Hypergryph recently announced the new title Arknights: Endfield. This is a 3D real-time RPG with strategic elements that takes the player on a mysterious journey to protect the new world from disasters and return home. Endfield inherits the worldview of Arknights, however the game has distinct stories and characters. Endfield’s story begins on a planet called Talos-II, a dangerous place filled with disasters and mishaps.

Vast stretches of desert and uninhabited territory stretch beyond the unexplored colonies of the Habitable Band. Players will explore this untamed world with operators from Endfield Industries to uncover the mysteries buried deep within the abandoned ruins.

Endfield introduces new content and game mechanics. The game allows players to control a party as they explore Talos-II, complete quests, unlock new story chapters, and take on exciting challenges. The player’s party will also encounter different factions and enemies depending on the story. These encounters will provide an epic real-time combat experience with a variety of tactics.

Arknights: Endfield is currently in early development with much of the content still to be finalized. Hypergryph is still exploring different options in concept design, graphics, and gameplay. The company’s long-term development goal is to release Arknights: Endfield globally on PC and mobile platforms.

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