New third-person shooter MMO from the creator of Lineage

New third-person shooter MMO from the creator of Lineage

Korean developer and publisher NCSoft has announced LLL, a new game that they describe as a “pioneering project.” This game is a third-person shooter MMO that takes place in an open world and will be released on Console and PC in 2024.

LLL project leader Jaehyun Bae commented that it is a “sci-fi project with an alternate history where a past event changed the real world.” LLL possesses an open world, covering 30 square km, where post-apocalyptic Seoul, the 10th century Byzantine Empire, and the 22nd century coexist in one timeline.

The game is a large open world in which more than 30 square kilometers of land are seamlessly connected to a single environment, Mr. Bae said. In addition, he also shared something about the game’s plot based on two “what if” questions. The first question is a question that often comes up in science fiction stories: “If technology advances without limits, will the meaning of people also change?” The second question is: “What will happen if many groups of people at completely different levels of technological advancement meet?”

NCSoft is famous for many MMO RPGs like Guild Wars and Lineage. Therefore, the publisher acknowledges that the LLL can be considered an unusual move.

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