Nine Yin Chan Kinh – Launch of new Anonymous Sword server, providing quality gift code

Nine Yin Chan Kinh - Launch of new Anonymous Sword server, providing quality gift code

Just a few hours after the teaser clip of the new Anonymous Sword server combined with Action C was released, the Nine Yin Chan Kinh gaming community couldn’t sit still with the information that the “new home” Vo Danh Kiem will be welcoming officially to the Nine Yin Chan Kinh players. 10:00 tomorrow 01/10.

10 years: constantly changing, constantly innovating. The highlight of the new server this time is a variety of attractive gifts such as: Feng Shui Chi 4 Stars, Van Tieu Phi Kiem School of Martial Arts, Ngu Phong Thuan Thuy, Thien Son Tuyet Lien Qua,…


At the same time, the Nine Yin Party event: It will definitely be the grand opening of the party for the new Anonymous Sword server. This is a very significant and unique series of events for newbies and even “old-timers” who have been in hiding for many years. You only need to register to participate, players can immediately receive the excellent location.

In addition, on the occasion of the upcoming New Year and Spring, join the new server – get a good outfit immediately, Cuu Am offers 2 “new clothes” Photo Station Dao Quang Sam and Kinh Ngan Trang for all participating players. The new Vo Danh Kiem house server opened at 10:00 on January 10.


In keeping with that bustling atmosphere, Cuu Am Chan Kinh would like to give players a valuable gift code as luggage to start the journey to experience the “new home” of Anonymous Sword.

The gift code includes:

  • King of Feng Shui *1
  • Thuy Ngoc Noi Tu Dan *5
  • Snow Lotus *5
  • Dao Bao Fashion Chest * 1
  • Exquisite expansion bag * 2
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Like an old school 3D sword RPG, reaping countless “sweet fruits”. Nine Yin Chan Kinh has always caught the changes, updated the new version, creating novelties and many playgrounds for players of all levels. A new journey is about to begin, before there is the latest information from NPH, discover the new Anonymous Sword of the Server tomorrow, January 10!