NPH GOSU invests heavily in Nine Yin Chan Kinh’s birthday decade in the Vietnamese gaming market

NPH GOSU invests heavily in Nine Yin Chan Kinh's birthday decade in the Vietnamese gaming market

Investment, enthusiasm, strength are words to briefly but comprehensively describe the 10-year journey of claiming to be the king of Nine Yin Chan Kinh, Asia’s number one. With the continuous development journey and the “huge” investment for this birthday event series, everything will be present on the new Hoa Vo Khot server.

On the occasion of the decade anniversary with the new server, Cuu Yin Chan Kinh also has a series of special gift codes for GameHub readers:​

Conquering the Ten Stages – “Gain” 24K Gold Statue

After 10 years of explosive presence in the Vietnamese game market with more than 21 releases, 19 servers and 25 sects, Cuu Am Chan Kinh continues to affirm its eternal journey by releasing new server information and a series of new attractive games for 10 years. Birthday Party. The moment NPH GOSU officially announced the launch of the new server, Hoa Vo Khue, on July 19th, it is known that Nine Yin People’s emotions exploded. Because this is not only a place where players “remake their lives”, but also a new server to celebrate 10 years of fellowship, where good friends come together, once again fight together, to break the martial arts.​


Furthermore, the event made the community even more excited to fight with the extremely valuable 24K Golden Flower Statue, a very meaningful gift to the Nine Yin Village. In addition to the appearance of those special events, NPH GOSU also launched many activities to receive special in-game gifts on the home page and fan page, such as the very significant title of the 10th anniversary, buy pvc to give excellent pvc, along with with thousands of other valuable items. .

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A “Terrible” Series of Events for Nine Yin Kieu Hung – Chong Phung Decade

Cuu Yin Chan Kinh’s success over the past decade is due not only to the enthusiasm and efforts of the BQT team, but also to NPH’s constant investment and development. Recently, to celebrate the journey of a decade of fighting with Nhan Si, the “King” of Vietnamese PC games released a 10-year song with a heavy investment. The melodious melody, meaningful lyrics, and images of a strong community once again evoke memories and revive emotions in the hearts of every Nine Yin person.

In addition, to represent that legendary 10-year journey, Cuu Am Chan Kinh also released a 10-year photo series: Brilliant Journey, holding a roadshow of 10 famous places in Thua Thien Hue. This is not only an elaborate and meaningful activity, but also once again affirms the “heart” and “rank” of the Swordsmanship No. 1 game publisher in Asia.


Let’s take a look at Nine Yin’s brilliant journey of 10 years here:

10 years of hegemony – spirit of advance

The birth of Nine Yin Chan Kinh in 2013 created exactly the first big stir in the Vietnamese gambling village. Appearing at a time when Vietnamese players are eager for a pioneering game for the mainstream fencing genre, Cuu Am Chan Kinh appears as a new source of light that paves the way for the development of the fencing game in particular and the fencing industry. I play in Vietnam in general.

The 10-year journey of self-declaration – spirit of breakthrough

Proof of this terrible attraction is the appearance on the market of a series of fencing games similar to Kim Dung. But despite new games with variations in features and creativity in the sect, the position of “King” of Vietnamese PC games is still only one.


In addition to attracting a large and strong player base, Nine Yin Chan Kinh’s spread and occupation in the Asian market is also an affirmation of the game’s position. Proclaiming itself at home, striding in the international arena, the road to an immortal monument will still continue and will reap more success on the road ahead.


Ten years is just a number, but sometimes it’s a lifetime. Ten years the river flows, but ten years Cuu Yin is still there. With what was, is and will be, the legendary journey still continues. At 10 o’clock on July 19, Nhan Si Jiu Yin again “gathered” on the new Hoa Wu Que server. Check out the nostalgia – continue to write the story of Nine Yin Kieu Hung – Chong Phung Decade right now!

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