Nuguri officially retired, retired from playing after 5 years of playing

Nuguri chính thức giải nghệ

Top laner Jang ‘Nuguri’ Ha-gwon recently announced that he is officially retiring after 5 years of playing League of Legends professionally. Nuguri is known to be currently one of the best racers in the League of Legends arena, a key contributing factor in bringing the world championship trophy to DWA KIA 2020.

Nuguri and the journey to the top

Nuguri started gaming when he was only 18 years old with the colors of Gaming Star. After that, this top laner decided to join the DWA KIA family to continue accompanying his passion.

nuguri retiresNuguri during his time at the top

Nuguri’s greatest playing period is probably in the 2020s, when he plays in DWA KIA’s signature green jersey and, in turn, wins the 2020 LCK Summer Championship. When Worlds 2020 began, Nuguri had a performance extremely stable, this top laner won brilliantly. the Summoners Championship trophy in LOL Worlds 2020: that was the first and also the first moment, the last moment in which he shone with his passion.

After being crowned 2020 champion, contrary to public opinion on that year’s transfer, Nuguri decided to leave DWA KIA to start exploring a new path in the LPL. The top laner then decided to team up with Funplus Phoenix (FPX), joining other prominent LPL faces like Tian, ​​Doinb, Lwx, and Crisp.

Nuguri in FPX colors Nuguri in FPX colors

However, in the early days when he first joined, Nuguri couldn’t adjust to the “foreign country”, so the top laner’s performance was wearing down day by day. FPX stopped at fifth place in the spring meet, then gradually rebounded to reach first place in the group stage and reach second place in that year’s final.

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Time to stop…

However, the light that was shining in the middle of the winter night quickly went out as FPX entered the 2021 World Championship. Here, the entire FPX team lost their previous form and had to stop immediately from the group stage, a pretty bad record for the second seed in the LPL region.

Disappointed by what happened, Nuguri decided to return to her old home, DWA KIA, to compete with her former teammates. However, she’s still the same people, still the same team, but Nuguri is no longer the talented DWA KIA top laner like she used to be 2 years ago.

Worlds 2022 took place with excitement and excitement from the entire team, but, once again, the DWA KIA team lost to GEN.G in an extremely stifling BO5. Nuguri is no longer a top laner like he used to be, maybe that’s why he thought it was time to stop.

Nuguri officially retiredNuguri officially retired

It is known that the health of this top laner gradually deteriorated when he played in the peak years of his career. Nuguri had a pleural effusion and was unable to do high-intensity exercise. For a player who plays in the LCK, it means that his career is coming to an end.

Nuguri’s retirement has caused much regret on the part of his fans and DWA KIA. Most of them are extremely grateful and sorry for a top laner and what he has contributed to the LCK. However, everything has its own reasons, stopping at this point is also a wise decision for Nuguri, considering aspects of his personal life. Stopping a high competition journey, perhaps this is a beautiful ending for Nuguri.

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