Once Human: NetEase’s new bizarre survival game will have 20v20 battles

Once Human: NetEase's new bizarre survival game will have 20v20 battles

Once Human is one of the exciting games revealed during last year’s NetEase Connect event. The strange trailer for the game has caught the attention of many people. And the same thing happened at the recent NetEase annual event.

Once Human is a survival game with a New Weird theme, where realistic elements will be mixed with otherworldly happenings. The developers say they were inspired by HP Lovecraft, so the game could bring some content from the American writer’s horror and fantasy works.

The game takes place on a large map measuring 16×16 km with four different biomes. Additionally, players must meet six other factions in addition to creatures from the previous four biomes. The development team says that players can choose the type of content they want to interact with.

Players who like PvE can focus on finding resources in the world to craft equipment and power up to fight the monsters that appear in the game. Once Human also has copies for players to explore and challenge themselves against powerful bosses.

And for those who want to compare their skills with other players, PVP is the perfect mode for them. Players can attack and even steal other players’ loot after taking them down in a firefight. In addition, players can form teams, define territories and participate in matches with up to 40 people.


Once Human will be available on the App Store, Google Play and PC. The game is scheduled to launch this winter. The publisher hasn’t opened pre-registration on mobile yet, but fans can wishlist the game on Steam as of now.

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