One Piece Fighting Path – the new Pirate King game for mobile that is as beautiful as it is on PC

One Piece Fighting Path – the new Pirate King game for mobile that is as beautiful as it is on PC

For anime or manga fans, One Piece is one of the monuments that no one knows about; Along with Naruto, Bleach or Dragon Ball, it has marked the childhood of many generations. Furthermore, One Piece has also had many successful games on PC/Console and mobile platforms. And in 2021, One Piece Fighting Path is the next name that is expected to continue the success of games based on this famous IP.

And just a few days ago, Chinese publisher Nuverse and developer CMGE released One Piece Fighting Path for Open Beta in the domestic market. You may not know, Nuverse is the new publisher of Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok.

Although most of the features are quite complete, during the Open Beta period, there are still quite a few characters missing and the auto battle feature is not present in most PvE and PvP battles. This feature is only available in PvE mode and only opens after the player has logged in for 1 hour in the game. However, even then, this auto-battle mode is still quite clunky and doesn’t use abilities properly. But anyway, this is just an open Beta test, the developer still has many opportunities to fix bugs and perfect the game to officially release the most perfect version of One Piece Fighting Path.

One Piece Fighting Path will take players to the well-known pirate world, where you will transform into famous and beloved characters such as Luffy, Chopper, Zoro, Nami or Usopp… The game is almost a remake. It completely shows the journey of Luffy’s group. to explore the Grand Line in the original manga. The character creation, the special abilities of each character, even the pirate ship and sea map will make players feel like they are watching an engaging anime. One Piece Fighting Path will completely follow the direction of open-world RPGs so that players can control the character fighting freely in the middle of battle or freely travel and explore everywhere.

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