One Player Conquers the Vast Universe of Starfield

One player has explored all of Starfield's planets

Starfield, the highly anticipated game, has only been out for a month, yet one intrepid player has already accomplished a remarkable feat – surveying an entire planet within the game’s expansive universe. With over 1,000 planets to explore, it’s easy for players to feel overwhelmed or redundant. However, this player, known as DoomZero on Reddit, has proven that ambition knows no bounds. Having studied 1694 planets in Starfield, DoomZero has left only a handful unexplored due to game errors.

A Journey Beyond Imagination

DoomZero’s achievement is nothing short of incredible. It took an impressive 180 out of 200 hours of gameplay to meticulously chart every nook and cranny of these fascinating planets. In an interview with IGN, DoomZero shared the motivations behind this audacious undertaking: “When I began playing and discovered the joy of exploring entire planets, the idea stuck with me. I have this ‘clear the game’ mentality, and I saw it as a cool personal achievement.”


Overcoming Challenges and Discovering Secrets

According to DoomZero, the biggest challenge was uncovering the various types of fauna that inhabit these alien worlds. From small flying creatures to elusive beetles, DoomZero embraced the thrill of encountering and documenting each one. The most remarkable revelation was the existence of aquatic creatures residing in the ocean biome. These marvels of nature could only be studied by landing on the coast and utilizing specialized scanning skills. This realization underscored the importance of mastering all aspects of exploration.

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Moons: Hidden Gems in the Cosmos

DoomZero also shared insights into their adventures among the moons. While these celestial bodies may offer limited resources, their proximity to the main planets and the awe-inspiring vistas make them a favorite destination. The moons serve as windows into the larger planetary landscapes, providing unique perspectives and breathtaking views. It appears that although not all planets may be equally captivating, there is always something special waiting to be discovered by diligent players.

With DoomZero’s remarkable achievement, it is evident that Starfield offers an unprecedented opportunity for exploration and personal triumph. As players continue to venture into this vast universe, following in the footsteps of this pioneer will undoubtedly provide inspiration and guidance. So, grab your spacesuit and embark on your own interstellar odyssey in the captivating world of Starfield.

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