Open world MMORG game with excellent graphics from the Korean publisher

Open world MMORG game with excellent graphics from the Korean publisher

A few decades ago, a game series called Legend of Mir was popular throughout Asia and is considered the pioneer that first shot to explore the online gaming market in China. The two most famous games in this series are The Legend of Mir 2 and The Legend of Mir 3.

However, even as it was on the rise, Korean publisher Wemade faced legal disputes with several Chinese publishers for many years. But in the end, Wemade was able to launch MIR4 in Korea last year and reap countless successes. Now this game is ready to enter the global market.

While most MMORPGs in Korea tend to follow fantasy motifs in a Western setting, MIR4 is the complete opposite. MIR4 exploits the magical world of the Orient in its own country. This is considered the reason why this MMORPG game becomes different and unique when compared to other products.

After opening registration last week, MIR4 opened beta from yesterday, August 5 to August 8, 2021. Interested readers can pre-order this game on AppStore, Google Play, Steam or from the official MIR4 website . This closed beta is available in English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. The global release version of this game will be adjusted based on player feedback during the 4-day closed beta.

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