Opportunity to “touch” Sword The Origin with the Open a Winning Chest event

Opportunity to "touch" Sword The Origin with the Open a Winning Chest event

The Bach Bao New Year event that takes place in the Vo Lam Truyen Ky “universe” titles has been officially launched. Many players in the world of martial arts will surely be surprised by the countless super valuable gifts from the Executive Board.

This is an event to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the game series that accompanies and develops with generations of Vietnamese gamers. New Year Bach Bao is also an opportunity to “promote the first fortune of the year” for players to seek thousands of great rewards from the program.

With the way to open the Bach Bao chest with random gifts, players will have the chance to pocket cash and rare and hard-to-find items in the game. And yet, players also have the ability to get their hands on the “love phone” superstar of today’s tech world, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with some very attractive rewards including: iPad WiFi 10, Retail Gift Wrap In addition, by reaching the corresponding Bach Bao Chest Opening Milestone, players can also collect other “high” items in the game based on the server’s level cap.


More specifically, the lucky martial artists will receive an invitation ticket to participate in Alpha Test 2 of the new mobile game in the Sword Hiep Tinh Duyen series: Vo Lam Truyen Ky: Kiem The Origin. This is definitely the dream of many gamers when they dive in and revive the world of martial arts that once dominated the gaming village. Furthermore, the newcomer Sword The Origin promises to give players the best experience by inheriting and developing the original quintessence of the predecessor game.

After Alpha Test 1, the next Sword The Origin test will soon be open for players.

Participating players must be players of the Sword Hiep Tinh Duyen – Vo Lam Truyen Ky series titles. To “bomb” the playground, players need to visit the Tan Nien Bach Bao home page to select the participating game, log in, and fill out the necessary information. In particular, VLTK Mobile and VLTK1 Mobile players will participate directly through the game icon. After that, players just need to continue providing information as usual.

Login interface and event participation icon in VLTK Mobile, VLTK1 Mobile

Each player will receive a free private opening every day after logging in. For all other details, players can follow the official home page of the game they are playing.

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The Bach Bao New Year event will run until the end of January 16. After this period, the system will automatically cancel all unused chest openings. So, big gangsters, hurry up and open the chest to “pick up” the iPhone 14 Pro Max and other Tet-quality goodies from the show.