Orcs Must Die 3: Conquering New Platforms

Orcs Must Die 3 officially signed with Steam

Are you ready to face hordes of relentless Orcs and save the world from their chaotic onslaught? Brace yourself because Orcs Must Die 3 is making its way onto traditional gaming platforms, including Steam! With heart-pounding action, strategic tower defense gameplay, and thrilling battles, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Journey from Stadia Exclusive to New Platforms

Orcs Must Die 3 initially launched as a Stadia exclusive a year ago, leaving many gamers longing for its arrival on more traditional platforms. Fortunately, the wait is almost over! At the PC Gaming Show event, the developers made it official – Orcs Must Die 3 will be available on PC and other traditional platforms starting from July 23.

Pre-order Now for Exclusive Rewards

Calling all Orcs Must Die fans! The Orcs Must Die 3 Steam page is now live, and you can pre-order the game for $29.99/250,000 VND. By pre-ordering, you won’t just secure your copy of this highly anticipated title, but you’ll also receive exclusive character and weapon skins. Imagine taking down those Orcs with a stylish edge!

Unleash the Chaos: Action Meets Tower Defense

Orcs Must Die 3 encompasses all the key features of an action-packed tower defense game. Familiarize yourself with the game’s traditional levels while uncovering its exciting new element – large-scale battles known as War Scenarios. Brace yourself for wave after wave of Orcs armed with weapons and giant traps in an immersive campaign. The fate of the world rests in your hands!

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Orcs Must Die 3

Conquer Orcs Must Die 3 with Steam’s Might

As avid gamers, we all know the power of Steam in delivering an exceptional gaming experience. Now, with Orcs Must Die 3 joining the Steam family, you can look forward to seamless gameplay, robust online features, and a thriving community of fellow Orc-slayers. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Orcs Must Die 3 with the click of a button.

So mark your calendars, gather your allies, and prepare to face the ultimate Orc invasion on July 23. Don’t let the Orcs overrun our realm – it’s time to reclaim our lands and restore peace. Pre-order Orcs Must Die 3 now and get ready for a gaming experience that will leave you breathless!

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