OTA Esports and VTVCab cooperate to produce the Rocket League tournament

OTA Esports and VTVCab cooperate to produce the Rocket League tournament

Consequently, the cooperation is a resonance of values ​​and advantages of both parties to create an integrated ecosystem with new content and products, with the common goal of increasing the benefits and experiences of viewers. This time opens up new prospects and opportunities for eSports to develop more strongly in Vietnam in the future.

about the tournament RLCS Spring Major, This is one of the biggest tournaments of the year in the Rocket League game, which brings together great teams from many regions, and will be held from July 6 to 10, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The tournament will be commented in Vietnamese and broadcast on all current popular platforms in Vietnam such as Youtube, Facebook and VTVCab ON app.


racing game rocket league is a novel game that combines soccer and racing. Unlike soccer giants like FIFA or PES when they have to control players to score goals, Rocket League has its own features that make players experience a whole new genre of gameplay.

First released in 2015 by developer Psyonix, and as of 2018 it has 40 million players. The game is a match of skill and speed between 2 playing teams, each team is equipped with 4 racing cars. The goal of the player is to race the car and hit the ball into the opponent’s goal. While playing the game, players will also easily find speed boost points to their advantage.

Interested readers can follow the tournament here:

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