Overwatch 2 sets record for worst game of all time on Steam

Overwatch 2 sets record for worst game of all time on Steam

Last Friday, Overwatch 2 launched on Steam after one season exclusively on Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher. Although the game from Blizzard attracts a huge number of gamers on Steam, the review of the game is flooded with “bricks”. Just one day after release, Overwatch 2 received a “mostly negative” rating from approximately 45,000 user reviews. Currently, the game’s review section has even been reduced to “extremely negative” from over 123,000 reviews. Worst of all, Overwatch 2 has entered Steam250’s Hall of Shame rankings and leads the list of the lowest rated games on Steam, with an average user rating of 0.93 at the moment.

Not surprisingly, the game received a lot of negative reviews. Prior to that, the move to free-to-play and general gameplay changes were not well received by players. Launcher Battle.Net does not include game reviews, so it is difficult to gather specific information about Overwatch 2 player reviews.

Most of the negative reviews criticized Blizzard’s decision to turn the original Overwatch into a more “blood-sucking” F2P experience than Overwatch 2. Although the first game had 6 years of running until the second part entered its experimental stage, but many negative reviews claim that Overwatch 2 is basically a more “milky” version of the original.


Many of the negative reviews of Overwatch 2 on Steam were directed at the game’s monetization practices, criticizing the battle pass model as anti-consumer and hindering gameplay. Several other users complained about Blizzard’s scrapped plans for PvE content.

Overwatch 2 is just the first Blizzard game scheduled to release on Steam. In the last month, the developer announced that it will be bringing some of its titles to the popular PC game store. Overwatch 2 is the only confirmed (and currently released) title so far, but Blizzard says it will share more details in the future. Diablo 4, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft may be coming to Steam in the future.

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