Payday 3 Reveals Logo, Confirms 2023 Release

Payday 3 Reveals Logo, Confirms 2023 Release

A new sneak peek on Overkill Software’s YouTube channel has revealed the Payday 3 logo. It’s also one of the first major game announcements of the new year. Along with the logo, the Payday 3 Steam page has been opened so players can add the game to their wishlist ahead of its release this year.

While the first installment Payday: The Heist received mixed reviews in 2011, Payday 2 exploded in popularity and has become a household name in the co-op shooter genre since its release. The Payday series allows players to hide behind the masks of gangsters Dallas, Hoxton, Houston, Chains, and Wolf as they embark on a life of violent crime and armed robbery. Players must work together to plan and execute a variety of heists in locations ranging from simple bank robberies to Las Vegas casino robberies. Payday 2’s constant stream of new content has kept the game going for over a decade. Payday 3 was first announced back in 2016 and fans have been waiting for quite some time ever since.

The trailer for “A New Criminal Dawn” shows off the Payday 3 logo, a simple monochrome design that omits the red or blue color from previous installments. The video zooms into New York City, showing the gang’s view of the Brooklyn Bridge, where the next big thing is likely to happen. The statement “this is the year of Payday 3” once again confirms the game’s release date. A specific release date has yet to be announced, but the game’s Steam page is already live, allowing players to add Payday 3 to their wishlists and stay up-to-date with the latest information moving forward.

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So far, only a few details about Payday 3 have been revealed, such as the game’s setting in modern New York. Payday 3’s modern approach will open the door for all sorts of technologies and concepts like cryptocurrencies and mass surveillance to have a profound impact on the game. Payday 3 also switched to the Unreal Engine instead of using the Grin engine from previous games to recreate the scale and detail of New York City. Payday 3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023.