Persona 3 Reload gets a new look but still shows the spirit of the original

Persona 3 Reload gets a new look but still shows the spirit of the original

Persona 3 Reload marks the first time the Persona franchise has had an actual remake. Persona 3 Reload features a new voice cast, as well as a completely redesigned user interface and graphics. The franchise has changed a lot since the original Persona 3, and while the remake will improve the game, the introduction of All-Out Attack proves that the game remains true to the original content.

Persona 5’s stylish super heist theme is highlighted through design and characterization, as well as All-Out Attack and Showtime Attack. When performing an all-out attack in Persona 5, players will see portraits of participating members and images of the entire team in action. Previous Persona installments simply show a white cloud around enemies in All-Out Attack. Persona 5 has set the bar for new fans in terms of artwork, so going back to a simplistic approach can be frustrating for those unfamiliar with previous Persona games.

The All-Out Attack in Persona 3 Reload needed to find a way to match what was shown in both Persona 5 and the original. It seems that the developers have done it. In the second trailer, when performing All-Out Attacks, the characters attack and are surrounded by a white cloud, but when the attack ends, the characters will have unique animations. Persona 3 Reload’s All-Out Attack shows that Atlus has found a way to make Persona 3 as stylish as Season 5 while remaining faithful to the original version.

This development also shows that Atlus has always been aware of the overall spirit of Persona 3. The introduction of characters in Persona 5 as freelance superheroes is a big change for the series. Persona 3 has a darker atmosphere and the characters in the game are mostly ordinary people thrust into unusual situations. Atlus has toned down the brightness a bit in P5 to make that style more relevant to Persona 3 and other older titles.

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Persona 3 Reload is scheduled to launch on February 2, 2024 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.