PES 2021 and eFootball Points

Konami is trying out something innovative with PES 2021, introducing an in-game currency called eFootball points that can be redeemed after linking your game account with KONAMI ID and accepting its Terms of Use Agreement.

On Thursday, free-to-play releases were made available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC users, prompting many dissatisfied players to quickly take to social media with complaints and criticisms of the experience.

eFootball(tm) Points

KONAMI’s eFootball points are an in-game currency used for purchasing players, items, and features in-game. Players can earn them through various activities including completing in-game events and registering for eFootballTM Points events; additionally they may also be purchased from retailers to redeem later either directly in-game or via their My eFootball account on KONAMI website.

The eFootball Point program has been altered to enable players to speed up their progression by moving it from account to account, potentially opening up new strategies while making player acquisition more challenging than before. Players can transfer eFootball points by following these steps:

First, players must register for the eFootball Point program either online or in-game, then link their game accounts with KONAMI IDs that match those linked with PES 2023 games and agree to the terms and conditions. Once linked successfully, 3,000 eFootball points will be awarded!

Konami has addressed confusion in the fanbase surrounding their eFootball Points carryover system for this season in PES 2021 datapack 3.0 update by explaining exactly how it will operate. They plan on carrying over certain assets accumulated in previous seasons such as eFootball Points, Base Teams and Managers from previous seasons; though eFootball Points will have an expiry date.

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To prevent their points from expiring, players should make sure that they link their game account with one and only one KONAMI ID before the promotion period has concluded. Each game account may only be linked with a single ID. Once eFootball Points are claimed from the Inbox, they will expire six months later. You can easily see this date either within your Inbox or through accessing “Account Information” on My KONAMI site. To maximize the return from your eFootball Points, it’s wisest to spend them on the account that you log into most often; otherwise, they could go to waste if not utilized within six months of receiving them. If eFootball Points are left unused for too long, they will become invalidated and forfeit. This also applies to any points earned through special events. KONAMI plans on rectifying this situation in the near future but has yet to disclose when this will take place; so players should redeem their eFootball Points immediately (see here for ways).

Linking your game account to a KONAMI ID

To unlock all the potential of eFootball(tm) Points and its cross-platform features, it’s essential that your game account be linked with a KONAMI ID. The process is quick and straightforward – taking only minutes! To do so, launch your PES mobile game, navigate to Extras from the main menu, click Support then Link Data then connect your KONAMI ID or Google Play account with your profile here – once complete your game will display a 2D barcode that can be scanned on any web browser on any device with access!

KONAMI is offering an incentive campaign that rewards players who consolidate their game accounts across platforms by rewarding them with 3,000 eFootball(tm) points for doing so. To participate, simply link your game accounts with KONAMI ID by following in-game steps or following these below; remembering to regularly back up your profile to keep data secure!

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Step one in linking your PES game account with a KONAMI ID is opening the Extras option from the main menu and clicking Support, this will launch a window where you can link your game account with one or more efootball points available from KONAMI login efootball points and link it accordingly. After doing this you can play on any platform while keeping all your progress intact.

Once logged into the KONAMI ID website, you’ll be asked to set up your password and security questions. KONAMI ID also lets you access various services and games offered by KONAMI such as PlayStation Network and Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel app – creating one is completely free and will help protect your game data against unauthorized users and prevent data theft.

As soon as you select the ‘Link Data’ option, you will be asked for your email address and a password before agreeing to our Terms of Service agreement. Your game data will then be securely saved on a KONAMI server and can be accessed across platforms regardless of any changes to phone numbers or internet providers.

KONAMI has made this process as seamless and straightforward as possible by creating an official guide with step-by-step instructions for linking your eFootball(tm) account with a KONAMI ID. Simply follow the link provided above, and learn how to quickly and effortlessly link your account – then use your game on any PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS/Android device simultaneously! KONAMI makes the process incredibly user friendly so you can bring your game wherever you go or even play on one console simultaneously using just one account!