Planes in PUBG can catch fire and crash to the ground

Planes in PUBG can catch fire and crash to the ground

PUBG Corp. continues to bring its Battle Royale gaming formula to life. The latest 13.1 update is now available on the PC version test server. 13.1 will officially arrive on August 4 on PC and on August 12 on consoles.

The biggest change is the emergency landing function. The large cargo planes that bring players to the map at the beginning of a match after the update can experience engine failure, catch fire, and quickly crash to the ground. This means that the player must jump out of the plane before the crash.


The plane in distress will move faster than a normal plane and the drop altitude will change. Therefore, players will travel further when they jump early. The longer the player waits, the shorter the player’s navigation distance will be. Those who decide to wait until the plane lands will lose 50% of their HP.

In addition to the emergency landing feature, another notable content in version 13.1 is the Taego map update. The Taego map will have a secret room that appears randomly and contains some of the rarest and most powerful equipment, including items that players can’t find anywhere else. Players will need a key to enter the room. This key is also a rare and hidden item. If they reach the mysterious room, players can find items such as self-revival boxes, scopes, low probability supply items, large amounts of healing items, and throwing weapons. The Taego map also has a change to the help boxes. After the update, the number of small relief boxes will increase from 5 to 15 boxes. Readers can follow the detailed content of update 13.1 here.

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