Play Halloween – Win Free Gaming Laptop, Exclusive Gunny PC Pocket Goodies

Play Halloween - Win Free Gaming Laptop, Exclusive Gunny PC Pocket Goodies

The official event takes place in 1 month from October 6 to November 6.

Get a really good laptop right away at

Looking for a gaming laptop with a terrible setup is easier than “giving candy or being teased”

Laptop Gaming is always the most anticipated “hot item” at some events hosted by Gunny PC. Therefore, this Halloween, Gunny continues to host a series of multi-experience events called “Happy Halloween: Shoot Gunny to Hit the Laptop” with ASUS Laptop Gaming prizes. Players will participate in the Halloween Wheel for a chance to receive this great gift.

Worth over VND 20,000,000, the Asus TUF Gaming F15 Laptop FX506HC-HN144W is every gamer’s “dream” laptop. Many Chicken Kingdom subjects are amazed by the luxurious appearance, the powerful Intel Core i5 processor for all tasks and the best performance. Possessing this super gift in hand, Gunner is sure to fight in all fields and use it to effectively handle other tasks in the studio and outside life.


To collect spins, Gunner does it in three ways: invite friends, log in to the game, and top up coins. The gunner who reaches VIP level 2 or higher can receive 1 spin (maximum 3 spins throughout the program) when he successfully invites his friends to play, or receive spins when he logs into the game regularly every day.

Join the hands-on event, receive gifts full of value

The reappearance of the “Shoot Gunny to hit the laptop” event has doubled the fun of the holiday season due to the variety of ways to receive unique rewards and gifts that only require very little resources and effort to play. Activities appear scattered, have a certain connection, increase the ability to receive gifts for players of all levels.

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From October 6th to November 6th, every game login and attendance day will be counted as pumpkin picking time to celebrate the Halloween season. By accumulating a certain number of pumpkins, the player receives a reward with a constantly increasing value based on each milestone. True to the spirit of Halloween, players must collect lots of pumpkins to prepare for the next fun activities of this mischievous festival.


Apart from the huge gaming laptop, Akko 3098B Multimode Neon Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is the next valuable technological gift that helps to increase gamers’ gaming experience and smooth computer operation. The Gunny Cotton Chicken, the legendary superweapon – Nhu Y Stick and other game items on the gift table are also extremely useful and unique, confirming Gunner’s true temperament.


Players who accumulate a certain number of spins will successfully receive gifts such as Lv.19 Close Treasure, Super-Halloween, Witch’s Cart (permanent), Legend-Halloween, and 12 Years Old Ring +6. In addition, Gunny PC will distribute a total of 10,000 free codes at fixed times during the program period at the Dracula Code Warehouse.


“Happy Halloween: Shoot Gunny to hit the laptop” was officially opened and welcomed a large number of players, from “plow” enthusiasts to quality players. Gunner must follow the event instructions, carefully follow the NPH notes to make sure the account is eligible for the reward. BTC will contact and ship the prize to the Gunner’s registered address immediately after the program ends.

Throughout a month, the “Happy Halloween – Shoot Gunny on Laptop” event promises to bring interesting surprises and meaningful moments of entertainment to the Golden Chicken community. This is also the operating criteria for many years of Gunny PC, thanks to the community with a civilized and modern gaming experience, but with no shortage of valuable and practical gifts.

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