Play Together Opens Lotteria Fried Chicken Shop!

Play Together bắt tay cùng Lotteria

Just last October 31, Play together Suddenly Lotteria Vietnam appeared with the same service method as in real life. Highly commendable for the extremely unique marketing method of the great F&B giant!

Play Together shakes hands with LotteriaPlay together shake hands with the lottery

Play Together caused a fever when it cooperated with Lotteria to open a virtual store.

Play together The game is quite famous during the Covid-19 epidemic when it attracts millions of downloads on the phone, currently the top domestic game among mobile game genres. Recently, fans of this entertainment game were shocked when the fried chicken chain Lotteria suddenly opened a branch here.

It’s no different from a fast food restaurant in real life, the brothers play Play together You can also visit the store to register as much as you like, enjoy fast food with an authentic menu that is exactly like real life. In addition, players also have a fun experience: the character’s face will turn red every time they enjoy Lotteria’s National Hot & Sweet Chicken:>

Lotteria Fried Chicken Shop also has a super cute and dedicated staff in the shop, ready to welcome and serve you. The squad consists of the characters Loy, Lody, Loking, automatically controlled by the game system, ready to support the brothers. Play together Visit and do missions in the game.

Even though it’s been a while since debut, but Play together never got cold in the mobile game series. Perhaps with this innovative collaboration Blog Game Player believes it will be a “superb push” for Play together further!

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