Players Bladepoint

Players Bladepoint

Speaking of creativity, the online community must have some respect for players. For them, as long as they have supporting tools at hand, any world can change. Skyrim or GTA 5 are typical examples where, after many years of operation, players continue to tweak and modify every day. Even today, many people can’t realize that these are the games they experienced in the past.

Hell: Sword Point It’s also not the norm for players to use an extremely detailed character tuning system, to the point where players can “dress up” in whatever image they want. From Thanos, Picolo, Sun Wukong to Saitama… anything is possible. But on top of that, characters are also created that make the viewer only need to watch it once to chase the old…

Join the Naraka Bladepoint Vietnam community to exchange detailed instructions on the game and access unique content like this:

But of course it is also indispensable for the “conscious” modeling phases:

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