Players can conveniently modify games with Steam Deck

Players can conveniently modify games with Steam Deck

Most gamers recognize that mods are one of the biggest draws of the PC and the reason why the platform is not as restrictive as the console; for example, turning Fallout: New Vegas into Star Wars, bringing Armadillo city from Red Dead Redemption 2 to life, or creating an AI. revolution in The Witcher 3. Consoles from Sony, Nintendo and even Microsoft are controlled by strict regulations, so modders cannot compromise creativity like on the PC.

However, the Steam Deck is essentially a portable PC, so the device has full mod support. Two Valve representatives, Greg Coomer and Pierre-Loup Griffais, confirmed that “users can do everything on the Steam Deck just like on a regular computer… we built this device to support all those things.”


“The version of Steam running on the device is a modified PC analog with a different user interface and controls,” Griffais added. Therefore, all features such as Steam Workshop and mod support tools will also be fully present.” Therefore, Steam Deck users can easily register and play modded games like on a normal computer. For ModDB mods or NexusMods, users only need to install the same as on PC.

In addition, Coomer and Griffais also shared that Steam Deck users can install and download games from other stores such as Epic, Ubisoft Connect, GOG Galaxy or Origin.

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