Players can experience 2 more new classes in Diablo 4 Open Beta


The upcoming Diablo 4 open beta will add two character classes for players to try out and play during the first act. The closed beta for players who pre-ordered Diablo 4 ended last weekend, giving players unlimited demon hunting opportunities in the open area of ​​Fractured Peaks.

Last weekend was the time for the first experience of Diablo 4 for many fans and new players. Players can choose from one of three classes, Barbarian, Rogue, or Sorcerer, and experience a certain amount of content in the upcoming blockbuster from Blizzard Entertainment. Players have responded positively to the closed beta despite connectivity issues, class imbalances, and the randomness of copies. While the above issues are unlikely to be fully resolved before the open beta period on March 24, the two versions will have a notable difference.


Druid and Necromancer will join the list of character classes available during the open beta. Previously, many players have criticized the obvious imbalance between the classes, calling Sorcerer the “easy mode” of Diablo 4. Many boss encounters and their mechanics become quite challenging for the Barbarian melee class, while Sorcerer can dodge attacks and fight from a distance with magic.

Diablo 4’s story and basic gameplay are one of the most famous aspects of the title, with players fully immersed in the engaging cinematography and impressive battles. Diablo 4’s world aesthetic received similar praise, but some were disappointed with the user interface, saying it was too contrasting with the game’s style and atmosphere.

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