Players can experience Battlefield 2042 for free in the future

Players can experience Battlefield 2042 for free in the future

According to insiders, EA seems to be exploring the free-to-play route. Battlefield 2042 clearly didn’t meet EA’s expectations. Although the developer DICE is working to improve the technical state of the game with patches, Battlefield 2042 is still lacking in content compared to previous games. The game disappointed many players, with 2042 regular players on Steam less than Battlefield 5 and even Battlefield 1.

DICE has not addressed any pending design issues or discussed future content/roadmap for 2042. In a new State of DICE video, EA representative Mr. Henderson announced that the company is working to explore the ability to launch a single Battlefield game mode. 2042 for free, either Portal or Hazard Zone. According to the report, Portal is more likely because Hazard Zone only draws a few hundred players per day, so the old mode won’t make the best impression, not enough to draw players into the main game.


Mr. Henderson hinted that during EA’s revenue meeting on February 1, the publisher is likely to share more information about the game’s financial performance and the changes being made.

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