Players found that there was a “cow tongue line”, the newly released game had to “escape” from Vietnam

Players found that there was a "cow tongue line", the newly released game had to "escape" from Vietnam

After launching globally on August 25, NPH BadMouse Studio’s Purrfect Tale has quickly won the hearts of the gaming community, especially female gamers. The reason is that this dating sim has extremely flashy chibi graphics with the theme that revolves around cute cats and friendly content, with a “healing” direction by allowing players to care for and care for a stray cat.

Thinking that Purrfect Tale would remain peacefully in the Vietnamese market, some players suddenly discovered the image of the “cow’s tongue line” that appears in Chapter 6 of the game. Immediately, this topic was shared in many groups because it is an extremely sensitive topic in our country, not only in the gaming industry. However, the next step for NPH is what makes us write today.

After being commented on by many players in a post on Fanpage, BadMouse Studio did not accept the error and directly deleted the comments, in addition to blocking the accounts of users who talked about the “tongue line”. Outraged by this unscrupulous and conservative action, the gamer from eastern Laos not only boycotted but also urged people to rate Purrfect Tale 1 star on both app stores. Not only that, people also flooded the Fanpage to drop “outrage” on all the posts.

Before the rising tide of Vietnamese players, the “rogue” NPH announced that it would remove Purrfect Tale from both the App Store and Google Play in the Vietnamese region, but refused to remove the “cow’s tongue line”. This move by BadMouse Studio, which is compared to “without the mother, the market is still crowded”, has angered not only Vietnamese gamers but also those in Southeast Asia.

NPH posted a notice to remove Purrfect Tale in Vietnam.

Many comments from international friends condemn NPH’s solution to “go underground”.

One player wrote, “Withdraw from the Vietnamese market instead of fixing the nine dash line on the map, what a wrong decision,” or “Only kids would solve a simple problem like this. The editor should just fix the map and apologize.” sincerely”. to Vietnamese players. I will not play or buy any game from this publisher.”

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Until now, this game is no longer available on the App Store or Google Play in our country and NPH has not published any more publications on this topic.

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