Playing in the Best League of Legends: Goalkeeper Tan Truong’s Hidden Talent

Playing in the best League of Legends, goalkeeper Tan Truong made Master Ba very angry compared to the fans.

Football fans across the nation are well acquainted with the heroic goalkeeper, Bui Tan Truong. His exceptional performances recently contributed to the Vietnamese national team’s victories over Malaysia and Indonesia during the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. But what many people might not know is that Tan Truong is not only a top-level goalkeeper but also a skilled League of Legends player. In fact, during his time without a club after leaving Becamex Binh Duong in April 2020, he even considered becoming a streamer.

A Goalkeeper’s Dexterity Both On and Off the Field

Amidst the qualifying round, social media platforms were ablaze with videos showcasing Spider-Man Tan Truong’s magical abilities in League of Legends. Spectators were astonished by the nimble and delicate maneuvers of this 35-year-old player, not just on the football pitch but also in the virtual world.

His preferred position in the game is Mid Lane, with a particular fondness for playing Assassin champions. Tan Truong’s mastery of Zed, in particular, has gained recognition, boasting an impressive 500,000 mastery points for this lethal champion. Additionally, he also favors champions like Twisted Fate, Kayle, and Lee Sin. Incredibly, the goalkeeper has achieved a respectable rank of Platinum 2.

A Lighthearted Rivalry Sparks Among Fans

League of Legends enthusiasts were quick to make an amusing comparison between Tan Truong and Tan Trung (Ba Roi Beo), another popular figure within the community. Master Teacher Ba even shared a screenshot of a fan’s humorous comment, suggesting that Tan Truong outperforms Tan Trung in the game. With a brief caption, “Tan Truong < Tan Trung,” Master Ba expressed his playful “discontent” with the goalkeeper.

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Tan Truong also joined in on the fun, leaving a comment to entertain Master Ba’s friends and fans. It’s all in good spirits, of course, as the players and fans engage in playful banter.

What Lies Ahead

After the conclusion of the tournament, goalkeeper Tan Truong might even consider streaming League of Legends and engaging in a friendly comparison with Tan Trung live. Tonight, the Vietnam National Team will face the United Arab Emirates National Team. Though we anticipate that Tan Truong might be disheartened, let’s rally behind our goalkeeper and hope he sees little action on the field.

Tan Truong
Goalkeeper Tan Truong entertains Master Ba’s friends and fans with his comment.

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League of Legends Image
Cheer on goalkeeper Tan Truong as he exhibits his skills both on and off the field.

Let’s continue to support Tan Truong in his football endeavors while he showcases his talent in the world of League of Legends.