Pokemon Community Game: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Community Game: Everything You Need to Know
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Have you heard about the Pokemon Community Game on Twitch? It’s one of the most popular extensions on the largest live-streaming platform in the world. This simplified version of Pokemon brings together a vibrant community of players who collect, trade, and battle with their favorite Pokemon. If you’re curious to learn more, keep reading because we’ve got all the details you need!

Commands for the Pokemon Community Game

One of the unique aspects of the Pokemon Community Game is that you can play it using Twitch Chat. Many features, including Battles and the exclusive PokeDaily command, require you to access Discord or the Pokemon Community Game Twitch extension, available on both PC and Mobile devices. To get started, simply type “!Pokestart” in any chat with the extension enabled.

Here are some of the most commonly used commands:

  • !Pokecatch: Use this command to catch Pokemon. You can even specify the type of Pokeball you want to use.
  • !Pokeshop: Purchase items, such as Pokeballs, Potions, and more, from the Pokeshop using this command. You earn “Poke Dollars” by participating in streams featuring the extension, so make sure to stay active!

In addition to these commands, there are various others for Pokedex information, such as checking your current balance, battle rating, or progress towards the National or Spawnable Pokedex.

The Pokemon Community Game Pokedex

The Pokemon Community Game boasts an impressive Pokedex with a total of 898 Pokemon. Out of these, 734 can be found in the regular game. The remaining 164 Pokemon include rare starters, mythical creatures, and legendary Pokemon that players can obtain through missions, tournaments, or rewards from PokeDaily.

Shiny Pokemon and Cherish Balls

Did you know that there’s a chance for Pokemon in the Twitch Pokemon Community Game to be shiny? These shiny Pokemon have a unique appearance and are highly sought after. The chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon are rumored to be approximately 1 in 1250.

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To increase your chances of finding shiny Pokemon, you can use Cherish Balls. These special balls come in three tiers: Cherish (30% chance), Great Cherish (55% chance), and Ultra Cherish Ball (70% chance). You can obtain Cherish Balls primarily through mission rewards and the Discord PokeDaily.

Pokeballs for All Your Catching Needs

In the Pokemon Community Game, you’ll find a wide variety of Pokeballs to help you catch Pokemon. The standard ones include the Pokeball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball, each with its own catch rate and cost. Additionally, there are specialized Pokeballs like the Feather Ball and Heavy Ball that have increased chances of catching certain types of Pokemon.

Quick and Timer balls are also available, allowing you to increase your catching odds significantly if used strategically.

Battle with Your Viewers and Compete for Rare Rewards

The Pokemon Community Game features an exciting battling system, with both ranked and unranked modes. To participate in ranked battles, you’ll need at least one Pokemon with a base stat of 500 or higher on your team. Battles work similarly to traditional Pokemon games, with Pokemon scaling to level 50 during battle.

Engage in battles to earn experience for your Pokemon and Pokedollars to purchase items, Pokeballs, and potions. It’s worth noting that currently, there are no switch moves available, except for a few specific Pokemon from missions that use the move “Baton Pass.” Additionally, your Pokemon’s IVs and Nature are taken into account when generating their stats for battles.

Creative Tournaments in the Pokemon Community Game

One of the most exciting aspects of the Pokemon Community Game is the community-organized tournaments. These open-entry tournaments, held a few times a week, come with various rewards and unique rule sets. Participants can compete for unspawnable and even shiny Pokemon, with all players earning coins for the Battle Coin shop.

These tournaments feature wide-ranging themes, such as Rotom-Only battles, Heavy-Only battles with Pokemon weighing more than 250 KG, and tournaments requiring the Pokemon names’ first letters to spell out a certain word. The creativity and diversity of these tournaments make them truly captivating!

Discord and the Importance of PokeDaily

To enhance your Pokemon Community Game experience, join the Pokemon Community Game Discord. This is where you can find all the information you need about the game and its future updates. Don’t forget to visit the PokeDaily Discord channel, where you can type “!PokeDaily” once every 20 hours to receive a random reward, including Pokeballs, items, and more.

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Shopping for Pokeballs, Potions, and Stat Changes

As you dive deeper into the Pokemon Community Game, you’ll find an extensive shop offering various items. While Pokeballs are the main purchase, you’ll also discover potions to restore your Pokemon’s health after battles. Some items, like Super, Hyper, and Max potions, are rare rewards from PokeDaily.

Additionally, you can change and improve the stats of the rare Pokemon you encounter. The shop offers items like the Total Reset, Mood Mint, Empty Disc, and IV Reset, allowing you to modify different aspects of your Pokemon. Wonder Passes are also available, enabling you to Wonder Trade more frequently and bypass the usual cooldown.

The Pokemon Community Game Battle Coin Shop

In the Battle Coin Shop, you’ll find a range of exclusive items that you can only purchase using Battle Coins. These coins are obtained by participating in community tournaments. You can either sell Battle Coins for Poke Dollars or use them to acquire otherwise unobtainable Pokemon. The shop’s stock refreshes monthly, so keep an eye out for new additions!

Wonder Trading in the Pokemon Community Game

To help players complete their Pokedex, the Pokemon Community Game offers a Wonder Trade system. This system divides Pokemon into four tiers (S, A, B, or C) based on their competitive strength and base stats. You can access the Wonder Trade options on both mobile and desktop devices. Wonder Trading has a real-time cooldown of three hours, but you can instantly trade using Wonder Passes obtained through missions or the shop.

Missions for Rare Rewards

Active players in the Twitch Pokemon Community Game can complete five missions each week. These missions incentivize participation in battles, catching specific types or numbers of Pokemon, and using the Wonder Trade system. By completing these missions, you can earn exciting rewards, including rare Pokemon and specialty Pokeballs.

The Latest Major Update to the Pokemon Community Game

In the recent 1.0 update, the Twitch Pokemon Community Game introduced several new features, including Evolutions, a raised level cap, and a new PVE game mode. If you want to stay up to date with all the latest developments, make sure to check it out!

Now that you know all the ins and outs of the Pokemon Community Game, why not give it a try? Join the vibrant community and embark on an exciting Pokemon journey right on Twitch. Find out more at Capturing Fantasy. Happy gaming!