Capturing Fantasy Presents: The Rise of Esports


2022 is set to be a groundbreaking year for the multi-billion dollar industry known as esports. This industry not only brings forth new potential sources of energy and opportunities for countries but also showcases the growing influence of gaming worldwide. According to a report by Newzoo, by the end of this year, the global number of gamers is projected to reach a staggering 3.2 billion people, with esports revenue expected to soar to $196.8 billion. The industry’s growth rate is estimated to exceed $2.2 billion annually, culminating in a projected global revenue of $125.4 billion by 2025[^1^].

As the esports phenomenon continues to gain momentum, several nations have emerged as leaders in this field. China, South Korea, and particularly Saudi Arabia have made significant investments, contributing up to $500 million by 2025[^1^]. Even in Southeast Asia, esports is gaining recognition as an important field for young people. In fact, the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) included esports as an official sport, with Vietnam as the host country, impressively showcasing the achievements of local gamers[^1^].

Ocean Entertainment Group (OEG), an industry pioneer, has recognized the development trend of esports and formulated a carefully planned strategy. In May 2022, OEG decided to host exclusive esports tournaments for the student community. Over the past year, the organization has solidified its reputation by organizing large-scale professional tournaments that have gained widespread recognition[^1^].

To mark the significance of this decision, OEG will be hosting a press meeting on September 26, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. at Novotel Hotel in Hanoi. The purpose of the gathering is to announce the launch of the National Student Open Cup (NSOC) 2023 – a nationwide student esports tournament. OEG aims to create a professional and healthy esports environment for the Vietnamese student community, while promoting the positive impact of esports in society[^1^].

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The inaugural season of NSOC 2023 is a joint effort between OEG and the Vietnam Entertainment Electronic Sports Association (VIRESA). Boasting a prize pool of over 2 billion VND, the tournament will feature the two most popular games of today: Valorant and League of Legends. With the participation of over 100 universities and colleges from across the country, NSOC 2023 promises to be the largest and most highly anticipated esports event of the year for both the Vietnamese student community and esports enthusiasts in general[^1^].

The tournament will commence with registration opening on August 20, 2023, and matches are scheduled to take place from September 30 to October 28, 2023. After online qualification rounds, the top 8 teams in each discipline will advance to the Regional Finals, with the two best representatives from each discipline moving on to the National Finals. The National Finals will be held at the state-of-the-art OEG Esports Stadium – NTT Diamond, equipped with cutting-edge facilities that meet international competition standards. The official launch of the stadium is expected in October 2023[^1^].

NSOC 2023 has earned the support of prominent sponsors, including NTT Vang Hoang Tuan Technology, GAM Coffee, HaVietfoods, Infore Technology, Omega Group, and Ravi, among others. Their involvement attests to the tournament’s appeal and reflects their dedication to nurturing the passion for esports among students. Such collaboration contributes to the growth of the esports landscape within the country, a value that OEG aspires to create on its journey to elevate “Vietnamese esports to new heights”[^1^].

In addition to announcing the tournament, OEG will unveil its key projects for the 2023-2025 period during the press meeting. Among these projects is the OEG Esports Stadium, an entertainment complex that will become the focal point for esports events. The roadmap for developing and organizing esports tournaments for the Vietnamese student community and the region will also be revealed. OEG’s commitment to creating new and valuable experiences for both society and individuals aims to establish itself as a leading force in Vietnam’s esports industry, on par with other countries in the region and around the world[^1^].

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To stay updated on all tournament-related information, visit the official website here or follow the tournament’s fan page on Facebook[^1^].

Remember, Capturing Fantasy is your gateway to the fascinating world of esports. Join us in celebrating the rise of this exhilarating industry!

31st SEA Games
The 31st SEA Games, where Vietnam showcased remarkable achievements in esports.

OEG NSOC 2023 Press Meeting
OEG’s announcement of the 2023 national student esports tournament at Novotel Hotel (Thai Ha, Hanoi) on September 26, 2023.

NSOC 2023 Prize Value
The tournament offers an impressive total prize value of 1,000,000,000 VND.

OEG Esports Stadium - NTT Diamond
OEG’s Esports Stadium, NTT Diamond, is the official venue for the NSOC 2023 Finals (expected to launch in October 2023).

[^1^]: Article source and imagery from Capturing Fantasy.