Professional experience for non-professional players

Professional experience for non-professional players

Along with the development of technology, the esports industry has made remarkable progress in both quantity and quality. At the same time, tournaments are also facing a huge challenge as players become more and more strict in choosing the right arena for themselves. Therefore, the organization of a professional playing field that meets the needs of the players is a “hard problem” for both the organizers and the game manufacturers.

Challenging the demanding demands of the players.

Making a special mark by becoming an official sport at the 2021 SEA Games, Esports has demonstrated its global coverage. Not just limited to gamers, Esports tournaments also reach out to many fans through social media, game manufacturers’ website, and billboards on gaming systems. The tournament continues to expand in range, suitable for a wide range of audiences, from amateurs to top players from around the world. These are all opportunities for players to come together and overcome differences in countries, cultures, and team strengths.

However, due to this development, players are becoming more careful in choosing the right league in order to save time and make the most of the opportunity to learn and express themselves. Tournament investment and tournament quality are usually the most important factors that players “balance” to make decisions for themselves.

The investment for the tournament includes conditions related to time and fitness. The age of Esports is not usually high (athletes usually retire before the age of 25), because competing for a long time can seriously affect their health and fitness. Therefore, optimizing game time is usually a priority. Another determining factor lies in the quality of each tournament and the adequate correlation between the teams. Joining a league that doesn’t match your needs and abilities can lead to wasted talent and time. That’s not to mention the factors that affect the morale of the players, preventing them from being ready to participate in another tournament. Therefore, a professionally organized tournament will limit the problems that arise and create the conditions for players to fully concentrate on the competition.

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Computer Arena 2022 – Put the player experience first

In order to meet the rigorous needs of players, Computer Arena 2022 is organized in the proper “gaming” spirit, ensuring quality and bringing together all the elements of a prestigious tournament for amateur gamers.

1. New concept

The new breaking point of this year’s tournament that players, especially amateur teams, will definitely not be able to ignore. Wanting to encourage the development of amateur players (as well as creating a playing field for friction and showcasing the skill of professional teams), Computer Arena 2022 has created a new format for the final round at the end of Phase 2. Here, the winner Teams will be selected to train (coach) and participate in training for 1 week to have the best preparation and practice before the games. This will be a great learning opportunity for teams, especially players just starting out.


2. Professional Organization Unit

Computer Arena 2022 is held under the leadership of Intel and is accompanied by domestic agents (Phong Vu, Star Computer, Hai Anh Thai Binh, Cuong Anh) and international brands (AOC, ASRock), ASUS, EDRA, GIGABYTE, HP, Kingston, ViewSonic, Western Digital). Therefore, the quality of the tournament (standard equipment, ideal environment) and the quality of the experience for players and fans are guaranteed at the highest level. With a free ticket policy for fans and live streaming on the official Computer Arena and Valorant broadcast channels, this year’s tournament promises to provide fans with a viewing experience beyond expectations.


3. National scale

With a nationwide scale, the tournament will be divided into three major regions North – Central – South and will be held in the 27 major cyber gaming regions in each region. In Hanoi, the tournament will take place at Vikings, GameHome, Gaming X, Amazing Cyber ​​Arena, Spartacus Gaming Center and Loka Esports Complex. Meanwhile, the players in the city. Ho Chi Minh City will gather at familiar addresses such as Star Gaming, PAT GameCenter, Black Kingdom, NET 269, X-stadium, Win D, Highway – Long Khanh. In addition, to create conditions for players from all regions to have easier access to the tournament, Computer Arena is also held in other cities such as Quang Ninh (HD Gaming), Hai Phong (Baovip Gaming), Nghe An ( Doc Thiet Virus), Hue (Venus Esport Stadium), Da Nang (KOW) and Can Tho (Nguyen Vu Gaming).

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4. Attractive prizes

The prize structure is definitely another important factor for all esports tournaments. With a prize structure of up to 200 million and plenty of other goodies, Computer Arena 2022 certainly won’t disappoint players.

With careful preparation, Computer Arena 2022 promises to become one of the dramatic tournaments and bring a lot of value to the Vietnamese gaming community. This will be an unmissable opportunity for players to hone their skills, build their competitive experience, and contribute to their own name. With the Intel company, professional organizer and other major sponsors, we hope the players have a great season and bring success to themselves and the Esports community at large. The Nationwide Cyber ​​Gaming Qualification Round will continue through the end of October 2, 2022 to discover 27 teams entering the Final Round of Phase 1 (scheduled to take place from October 8, 2022 to October 9, 2022 ).


Players can follow the details of the match schedule and the organization form on the Computer Arena fan page at the link: