Project Loki – The game that converges the quintessential League of Legends, Apex Legends and Super Smash Bros.


Project Loki is the codename for a team-based PvP “battle arena of heroes” from Theorycraft Games. This is a startup studio founded by developers from Riot, Bungie, Respawn, and Blizzard, who have extensive experience in genres like MOBA, hero shooter, and battle royale.

Theorycraft said, “In a Loki session, players will assemble a team of heroes, defeat other teams in long, free-for-all battles, control the boundaries of a vast world in the sky, and create crazy strategies on a giant playing field.”


The latest “pre-alpha” gameplay clips allow viewers to watch teams of four heroes, as they face off in matches across a variety of high-altitude terrain with gaps that can be jumped or paraglided. The god view in Project Loki is typical of the MOBA genre, but the character’s movements and abilities appear to be controlled by a mix of WASD button combinations and mouse aiming rather than RTS-style.

Founded by industry veterans who have been involved in the development of games like League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, Halo, Destiny, and Apex Legends, Theorycraft Games aims to try to change that and transform the competitive gaming genre with a new combination of elements. and become the world’s next game that takes players over 10,000 hours to master. The studio currently operates under the direction of CEO Joe Tung, who served as executive vice president of League of Legends and executive producer of Destiny and Halo: Reach.

The CEO shared, “As gamers and developers, we feel like it’s been a long time since there was something truly new and fun to play with our friends. Now Project Loki has become something new and unlike anything anyone has ever played. And we are ready to take the next step. It seems a bit early, but we decided to take a big step forward, this means that we need to involve players in this project as soon as possible, show them what we are working on, and build a community around that we will hear at each stage.

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Theorycraft calls its nascent genre “team hero battle arena” and more like an integrated team adventure. According to Joe Tung, current testers describe Project Loki as “LoL x Apex x Smash”. Readers interested in Project Loki can sign up for the next test on the Theorycraft Games website. here.