PS Vita 2: Nextgen Handheld Leak, PS5 Mini Is Here?

PS Vita 2: Nextgen Handheld Leak, PS5 Mini Is Here?

Remember that in the past, Sony used to influence with the legendary PSP, directly competing with Nintendo in the journey to reduce the virtual entertainment industry to the palm of the community’s hands. However, under the pressure of the smartphone boom, the handheld gradually faded into the past, with the latest effort coming from Sony’s disgraced son, the PS Vita.

But when the quality of mobile gaming is increasingly difficult to prove its ability to compete with PC/console, the community’s eyes are on the emerging handheld console. From the “flagship” Nintendo Switch to the Steam Deck, GPD Win 3, the Aya series or the recently seen Asus ALLY, the new era of Handheld is emerging stronger than ever. Sony probably doesn’t want to ignore this “wave” when a series of leaked information about PS Vita 2 has hit the online community. However, most of these images are unclear, leaving gamers not getting a full picture of Sony’s new handheld.

Fortunately, by collaborating with designer Nguyen Tri Hai from MadMan Studio, a famous unit specializing in the production of 3D physical models of games, GameHub had a clearer vision of the PS Vita 2 game. Sony.

Through designer Nguyen Tri Hai’s design simulation, we can see the design of PS Vita 2 in a sleeker and slimmer direction than Steam Deck. The size of the control group does not take up as much space compared to the screen as the competition. In contrast, the PS Vita 2 will not have a shelf on the back of the device, which is considered to be one of the reasons users prefer the Steam Deck.

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However, there is still some time left before the PS Vita 2 is officially revealed, and the internal power and game titles that Sony has prepared specifically for this system are sure to excite gamers even more.

Once again, thanks to designer Nguyen Tri Hai and MadMan Studio for their clear and vivid designs to give readers a first look at PS Vita 2. To find out more about MadMan Studio, readers can access the Official Fanpage here: