How to Fix Stuck on ‘Queued for Copying’ Error in God of War Ragnarok

How to Fix Stuck on ‘Queued for Copying’ Error in God of War Ragnarok
Video ps5 game stuck on queued for copy

God of War: Ragnarok has finally arrived! Kratos is finally here to continue rewriting the Norse mythology with the blood of slayed gods, so all you have to do is grab some snacks, sit down, boot the game on your console and… Wait, why it isn’t starting? Wasn’t the preload complete? Why is it still queued for copying?

As great as a game can be, it’s completely normal for this kind of issue to appear especially during its early days, so here are some ways to fix the stuck Queued on Copying error for this critically acclaimed sequel to the 2018 game.

1: Restart and Reconnect Your Wifi Connection

It doesn’t matter if you have a physical or a digital copy of the game, the problem can happen for both. Reconnecting your console to the internet can help you overcome this, as Sony servers are probably under a lot of stress with the sheer amount of people going through the same situation as you.

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Alternatively, for physical copy owners, you can restart the game’s installation with the internet disconnected altogether, and only connect later so it won’t prioritize online downloads, avoiding the error completely.

2: Delete the Previous Files and Resume the Download

The whole process that causes this error is meant to avoid file corruption, but it’s possible that it already happened. The best solution here would be to simply delete all of your current God of War: Ragnarok files and restart your download once again. Also, it’s again recommended to disable your internet connection if you own the game’s disk.

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3: Turn Your Console Off and On Again

If you’re used to leaving your console at Rest Mode, the Queued for Copying message could be a side effect of it. Resetting it may be enough for the copying to continue. It doesn’t hurt to try it.

4: Check For Other Games’ Updates

If you happen to have any other pending updates for another title, leave those for later and make sure God of War: Ragnarok is your priority here. You can go back and get them at a later time, but we’re here for the big game, boy.

5: Simply Waiting

I’m sure you’ve already done that a lot, but sometimes it just works. Games as big as this one usually take time for being copied, so being patient might help. But of course, if you’ve been staring at your screen for over 15 minutes and nothing happened, it’s time to try any of the other solutions above.

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And these are some of the possible ways of fixing the Queued for Copying error. While there’s not a definitive solution as there are many reasons for this to happen, we recommend you try them all and see which one does the trick for you. In the meantime, why not take a look at the game’s list of trophies or at how to redeem those sweet Pre-Order Rewards?