PUBG 2 Rumors: All Content Merges with Original Game

PUBG 2 is rumored to have been canceled and all content has become an update to the original game.

Have you heard the latest buzz on PUBG 2? The highly anticipated sequel was rumored to be in the works, but recent reports suggest that the project has been shelved. PlayerIGN, a trusted source for news and leaks on PUBG Studio games, revealed this unfortunate development. It’s worth noting that PlayerIGN was also the first to break the news about PUBG 2’s development back in January.

Project Re: BORN Cancelled: Original Game Gets an Upgrade

In a recent interview with The Loadout, PlayerIGN disclosed the details of Project Re: BORN, the internal codename for PUBG 2. Unfortunately, the development of the project encountered numerous challenges, leading to its cancellation. However, all is not lost. The content that was originally planned for PUBG 2, including new weapons and revive systems, will now be incorporated as updates to the original game.

The ongoing global pandemic appears to have played a role in Krafton’s decision. With the need to adapt and prioritize, the company had to redirect its resources towards enriching the gameplay experience of the existing PUBG community. By introducing fresh content, Krafton aims to ensure that players remain engaged and entertained. Although these rumors are yet to be officially confirmed by Krafton, they have sparked considerable speculation among gaming enthusiasts.

PUBG 2 Canceled

Project Titan: A Glimpse into the Future

In addition to the cancellation of Project Re: BORN, PlayerIGN also discovered evidence of another exciting venture—Project Titan. This new battle royale game, said to be the successor to PUBG, is linked to The Callisto Protocol, a horror game set within the PUBG universe, developed by Striking Distance Studio.

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According to the leak, Project Titan will immerse players in a deadly battle for survival on Titan, Saturn’s largest satellite. In this thrilling scenario, prisoners are thrown into the fray, fighting their way to victory—where only the strongest will prevail. However, official information about Project Titan is still under wraps, leaving gamers eagerly awaiting further updates.

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