PUBG Battle Arena will have mountain bikes in the December update

PUBG Battle Arena will have mountain bikes in the December update

Krafton is bringing mountain bikes to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, so players will soon have the chance to control this vehicle “roaming” through the deadly arena. Mountain bikes will arrive in update 15.1 with an improved Sanhok map and many other weapon tweaks.

Players can find folded mountain bikes on all PUBG maps. Players can gain momentum before jumping to test their BMX skills. In addition, the mountain bike option also has a “load head” option for players to freely display the handlebars.

Another special feature of the mountain bikes in PUBG is their durability. This new climbing vehicle has unlimited health, so players cannot destroy it. Since they do not have a motor, mountain bikes do not make noise, which offers several advantages over conventional vehicles. Mountain biking is not just a solo adventure, players can take a passenger with them.


Krafton is also testing balance tweaks for the P20 and power-ups for pistols, LMGs, SMGs, and AUGs. The developer also made major changes to the magazines to create variety. For example, quick change magazines increased reload speed by 60%. Readers can follow the detailed content of update 15.1 here.​

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