PUBG Mobile: The “billion dollar” handshake with the legendary Lionel Messi.

PUBG Mobile hợp tác Lionel Messi

PUBG mobile appeared and said, “Surprise, old men!”

The “billion dollar” handshake created Explosion of the “Big Bang” between the two gods of the game and the football village, which makes people who are passionate about games and sports constantly excited! It promises to be very explosive, guys.

PUBG mobile: The “blockbuster” handshake shocked the gaming community.

Talk about this handshake with PUBG mobileLionel Messi said:

“Videogames are part of my life, I feel very comfortable and connected with my peers when I don’t have to practice. I am proud to cooperate with PUBG Mobile and would like to invite all gamers to join me.”

In addition, PUBG Mobile also expressed their excitement about this handshake:

“We are honored to announce a partnership with the soccer legend in PUBG Mobile”

Furthermore, PUBG Mobile also advises players to wait patiently for this boom in November. Proving something that PUBG Mobile has really invested in content to be ready for release for players to discover.

PUBG Mobile cooperates with Lionel MessiPUBG Mobile cooperates with Lionel Messi

must be the best director tencent games – Mr. Vincent Wang will feel a bit proud and lucky when he successfully recruits one Legendary name in soccer town world. This also transmits happiness to the players and to football.

According to the information revealed in this version of cooperation, PUBG Mobile will update many special features, extremely interesting football-related game content.

Furthermore, in this new version, players are also rewarded with many special items, such as shoes to increase running speed, as well as gates to help them easily teleport to the soccer field.

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collaboration between PUBG mobile and Lionel Messi promise to give players a unique experience and show the bravery of players with a fierce battle space, keep watching. Blog Game Player Regularly, I promise to update you with the latest game news.

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